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1. Weaken it.

2. Go into your bag.

3. Choose a ball and say O.K.

4. If not caught, repeat the steps again.

Actually, the D.S/D.Si can not hear you say 'O.K' so that's beyond stupidity. What I do is when you throw the Pokèball and it opens up, you know...when all the light comes out of it, I rapidly click the 'A' button until it closes and bounces on the ground.

If it doesn't work and the Pokèmon jumps out, there is a reason why. It's because it's either too heavy under 3 or over 42, because it will not work if the Pokèmon is under level 3 or over level 42. I tried it with Lugia and it did work, but it doesn't always work since it now includes bugs.

And I caught Lugia with a Dusk Ball. I was so surprised! I called it Skylar. And if you are catching a roaming Pokèmon, be sure to stock up on powerful Pokèballs so the Pokèmon doesn't jump out and run away, because they don't always stay in their usual places.

Hope I helped you!


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if you want one easy you need to have a nice time

kind of like in Pokemon platinum how regigigas is on level.1 (sorry for the spoiler)

and have a level 100 legendary like a palkia/dialga

you can catch in simply with a pokeball and in that game wait till dark the throw a dusk ball it will be like a master ball (x2 night, x2 cave).

then it will be easy but there are way stronger legendaries 40-80 so you can save up some master balls (by cheating or (this way is difrent)by glitching it) and i used that way for all of my legendaries

if you cant, have a nice to legendary leveled Pokemon that has move dragon breath or thunderwave (eg alteria or electrode)

the aim is to paralyse the reason why is the Pokemon is stuck in between being asleep is consitably slow, so your Pokemon can attack finly and you don't lose so much health and the next part is to attack slightly and not to get to the tipping point and always remember to save before a battle (the best health is 1 hp (impossible) and paralysed.

knock and run legendaries ( you see then the run away ) include-

ruby/emerald- latios



Platinum/pearl/diamond-mespirit and creselia

Platinum-moltres, articuno and zapdos

to catch you will use master balls or use mean look/sand trap/block

ok they cant escape now attack a bit until desired and watch out for when mean look expires

now paralyse and go for a catch (ultra is best) if you get it you will realise that it has good moves so why wouldent it attack?

now now you can catch any that you want

tip- when catching (not including platinum) use a max repel and then walk around.. OWHH MY GOD LOOK IT APPEARD!!!!1! then you will have a free sesion with you desire

Platinum- they got rid of it :( but run around in grass and you will find it with the app.

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You can use a master ball or you can attack and use a heal Ball. A heal ball raises the pokemon's Hp to the fullest even if you attacked it. If I attacked a pikachu to where it was in the Red then I would use a heal ball and it would be all healed like I just met it in the wild. Hope that helps you out!

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Legendary pokemon can be caught with any type of pokeball. The easiest way is to get the pokemon to a low life level (preferebly red) and to change its status condition (frozen, paralyzed, etc.). Then you throw any type of pokeball on it. The effectivness of the pokeball depends on the type of pokeball used and sometimes what type of pokemon it is. You can catch a legendary pokemon with a regular pokeball if you are lucky.

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yes it is possible but it has to be a least at red health

not really look at superskarmory pokémon emerald part 81 but he did it while sleeping full health.

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Q: How can you catch a legendary Pokemon with a poke ball in full health?
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How do you catch legendary Pokemon without master ball?

You get their health really low and use a ultra ball the best

How do you easily catch legendary Pokemon in heart gold?

grow a pair... and get good pokemon to get the legendary pokemon's health low... then use an ultra ball over and over again until you catch it

How do you catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon black version?

You catch them with a ultra ball

What if you poison a legendary in Pokemon black or white?

Catch it with a Heal Ball Make they health go yellow or red

How do you catch the three legendary pokemon in Pokemon deluge?

a utra ball or a master ball

How do you catch legendary Pokemon on Pokemon tower defense?

master ball

Where do you get legendary PokΓ©mon in PokΓ©mon Sapphire?

In order to catch your legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire, save your master ball For can catch KYogre/Groudon/both with either an Ultra Ball or Timer Ball.

What can a premier ball catch?

it can capture a legendary Raymond Pokemon

What Pokemon did you catch with a great ball?

Well, you can practically catch any pokemon with a great ball, just that it has a very small percentage of getting it on the first time. Even if you are trying to catch a legendary pokemon, it is just the matter of time before you catch that pokemon/legendary pokemon you want!

How do you catch legendary Pokemon in soul silver?

Use A Master Ball Or Ultra Ball To Catch. But I Think It is Hard To Find Master Ball...:/

How do you get legendary Pokemon in Pokemon diamond without migrating?

Normally you need an AR, or a master ball, because once I had mesprit at 1 health and I couldn't catch it so don't try.

How do you get a legendary in Pokemon black?

You have to get the end of the game and find the end place where the legendary Pokemon is waiting and you catch it with the master ball you were given earlier in the game