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Andros-Man, Roid-like or similar- an artificial human-like creature as distinct from a robot which has metallic skin and is often only vaguely human-like like those in Star Wars or Lost In Space. Androids could (blend in) with humans and if used by ( who is to say they are not) by an intelligence agency-well they could have serious possibilities. androids, like UFOs are pretty much an ( Above Eyes Only) topic, at least officially, Science Fiction novels- some really good have been done on the theme. By the way the word is derived from two Greek words, andros and the roid suffix.

It could also mean Google's mobile operating system, which is named Android.

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Q: What does 'android' mean?
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it is an android

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Android icons is nothing but a logo that is used to identify that this device posses an Android OS.

What does android mean for cell phone?

Android is a Linux based OS for smartphones

What mean by Android phone?

Android is an operating system for mobile phones by Google. You can check it in google android page. Or find it in my link

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I think you mean Android :) Android is google's platform/OS for mobile devices.

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Spell check

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Well, if you are talking in context with operating system available for mobile devices then both of them are same, " Android and Android OS" .It depends on the context but if you're talking about Android broadly, you could mean devices that use the Android OS software.

What do you mean by Android phone?

I understand that it is a smartphone whose Linux-based operating system is the Google's Android.

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Presently, Android doesn't means anything to computers Android is a smartphone thing but experiments are going in making Android OS available for Computers too. So in near future they may mean something to computers but currently its a Smartphone thing !

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In Android, rooting your phone means getting root access and overcoming limitations by altering apps and settings.

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