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Short Biography on Barbara McClintock

Birth- June 16th, 1902 in Hartfrod, Connecticut.

Death- September 2nd, 1992 (age 90) in Huntington, New York.

School- University of Missouri, Cold Spring Harbor Labratory, Cornell University.

Degree- PhD in botary from Cornell University in 1927.

Career- in genetic structure of maize.

Awards- Noble Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1983.

Family- thrid child out of four, born to Thomas Henry and Sara Handy McClintock

Quote- "I cannot fight for myself, but I can fight for others".

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She was a Geneticist from 1902-1992 the so called "jumping genes." She was a Geneticist from 1902-1992 the so called "jumping genes."

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Q: What is Barbara McClintock's famous for?
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