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Q: What is a pin punch used for?
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Is there anything you can use that will get a bike chain pin out?

You can either grind or file the mushroom off of one side of the pin, and pop it out with a pin punch.

How do you replace a pin style shifter on the column?

While in park, just punch out the drift pin with an awl and it will pop up-there is a spring inside.

How do you use a punch block?

A "66 punch block" is nothing more than a specialized terminal strip used for cross-connection and/or termination of 22awg solid telephone wire. They are used primarily in the installation of PBX Multikey phone systems. They come in several different configurations. Among these are solid connect 4 across, split 2, or individual pin 4 across. They there is nothing mysterious about them except for the specialized "punch tool" needed to make a clean solid connection of the wire to the pin.

What is a bell punch?

A bell punch is a conductor's punch which rings a bell when used.

How is a Accu Tek HC380 firing pin replaced?

Remove the slide. Push firing pin forward with 1/16" pin punch & then put a 3/32" pin punch between the back end of the firing pin & the back of the slot in the slide to hold the firing pin forward. Place the end of a small straight tip screwdriver between the right side end of the safety & the interior wall of the slide. Now twist the screwdriver to move the safety out to the left side of the slide. As you do this slowly, be carefull not to let the safety plunger & spring fly away on you. Mine tends to pretty well stay in the hole & not fly out. Once you have the safety out of the slide, carefully remove the 3/32" pin punch holding the firing pin forward to allow removal of the firing pin & spring. Reverse the procedure to reinstall.

How do you remove the pin from the clutch line at the slave cylinder on a 1993 Chevy Z71?

you must drive the roll pin out where the line goes into the slave cylinder its a real small pin. can use a small punch or nail to remove.

How do you remove the firing pin from a heritage 22 revolver?

Take it to a gunsmith. Remove cylinder - remove firing pin pin located under rear site - use finishing nail/small center punch ,place against back of firing pin and tap lightly driving pin toward "removed" cylinder

What is a large silver bowl with cups on it used for punch?

A punch bowl.

What does a center punch do?

Typically a center punch tool is used to aid in drilling. The impression made by a center punch into wood, plastic or metal marks the area to be drilled and helps the drill stay on course as it goes through the material. The traditional center punch is used with a hammer and the automatic center punch uses a spring tension mechanism to create a force hard enough to make the indentation. Read on to learn how to use a center punch.

Why stainless steel is not used for manufacturing tablet punch?

Stainless steel can be used for manufacturing tablet punch.

How do you repair or remove a frozen guide pin on rear wheel disc brakes of a 1993 Taurus?

try using a heavy dose of wd40 and a center punch to try and free up the pin

How do you remove the gear shift lever from a 1971 dodge pickup?

Assuming that it is anautomatic And it's just the shifter that you want, at the bottom of the shifter by the steering column there is a pin. Take a punch and drive the pin out.