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How to change something into something else. For example, in the first book, he changes needles into matches but as he works his way up in the years he starts to transfigur them selfs and animals. A spell used in the books are 'Piertotum Locomotor' (i dont know what it does!)

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Q: What spells does Harry Potter learn in Transfiguration class?
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Ghoul Studies is not a class.

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There is one in the Transfiguration Courtyard and one on the stairs to the Defence Against the Dark Arts class.

What class do you go to after Herbology in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone video game?

In the Game Boy Colour version of the game the next class is Transfiguration. The class order varies depending on what platform you are playing on.

What does FERA veto do in Harry Potter?

Fera veto is not a known or mentioned spell in the Harry Potter series.If you meant vera verto, this spell is used for transfiguring animals into water goblets. Professor McGonagall demonstrates this spell in Harry's second year transfiguration class.

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