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Q: Who makes the chev sonic?
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Who makes Brock-sonic televisions?

brock sonic

How do you turn to hyper sonic in sonic 2 ps3?

Hyper Sonic is a form similar to Super Sonic in that it makes Sonic faster, invincible, requires fifty rings and makes Sonic glow. You must collect the rings to acheive hyper sonic.

In what episode of Sonic X does Sonic go Hyper Sonic?

Hyper Sonic only appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles. Only Super Sonic makes an appearance in Sonic X.

Can you turn into silver sonic in sonic heroes?

Nope, Silver Sonic is only in Sonic 2, StC, StH comic, and makes a cameo in Sonic Adventure.

What makes sonic so fast?

Nothing makes Sonic fast. He just was born with the power, just like his parents.

What makes up super Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic turns into super sonic when he gets all 7 chaos emeralds.

Is there chao in sonic rush?

Only Cream's chao Cheese makes an appearance in Sonic Rush.

What is that on chip neck on sonic unleashed?

It is a necklace that makes him control all temples in sonic unleashed.

Why do scratch and grounder hate sonic?

They serve eggman which in turn makes them try to defeat sonic cause eggman don't like sonic.

Who was sonic the hedghog?

sonic is created by SEGA and sonic team makes the games. sonic is a blue hedgehog that can run really fast. he has tons of friends and he always beats eggman

Who is sonic's voice actor?

today, sonic's voice actor is Roger Craig Smith, which makes sonic sound older like he's supposed to be.

What makes a hedgehog unique today?

Sonic the Hedgehog