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Wayne wore a POW bracelet. WRONG! it was a silver bracelet give to him while filming the movie "The Green Berets". It is round silver with script put there by Montagnards tribesmen who made it. It was their way to express friendship and trust. If you wore one, you were immediately recognized as a friend of the "yards". Montagnards or Dega are to Vietnam like the Indians are to the United States. If you want a replica, go to STMP (Save the Montagnard People) on the internet and order one. The Duke wore his silver Montagnard bracelet in many movies as he thought highly of these people. Montagnard is a name given to these folks by the French, meaning son or men of mountains. These tribes inhabited the central highlands of Vietnam and Cambodia and were our allies during the Vietnam War.

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Wrong the Duke wore the bracelet decade's before the Vietnam War, when he filmed Red River.
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I understood the bracelet was brass, not silver.

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Q: Why did John Wayne wear a bracelet on his wrist in the movie the Train robbers?
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