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Many substances have different melting and boiling points, thus one can use their melting and boiling points to identify them.

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Q: Explain why the boiling point and the melting point can be used to help identify substances-?
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Why does the boiling and the melting point can be used to help identify substances?

cause all pure substances have a fixed boiling and melting point unless impurities is added their boiling and melting will always remain the same.

Explain why the boiling point and the melting point can be used to help identify substances?

You can compare them to tell one liquid from another. All solid substances melt at one temperature only.

Why is the melting point and boiling point important?

Melting points and boiling points are phyical constants which means specific compounds have specific melting/boiling points. Therefore you can identify a substance if you determine the mp/bp. Also you measure the purity of a mixture using melting point tests.

How do melting points and boiling points help identify a substance?

A certain substance has certain melting and boiling points which is what helps identify a substance.

How do you identify solids at melting or boiling points?

Melting and boiling points are different for each compound or element.

Is the melting point and boiling point of substances different?

yes. each substance has a differant melting and boiling point.

How can the melting and boiling point help you identify it?

Each pure substance has its own unique melting and boiling point.

Can ionic substances have high or low melting points?

Generally ionic substances have high melting and boiling points.

Why boiling points and melting points can be used to identify substances?

Because they are unique to each pure substance. Different substances usually have different melting points, so determining the melting point of a substance can narrow down the possibilities for the identity of the substance. Likewise different substances usually differ in their boiling points, so boiling point can narrow down the possible identities of a substance. Although two substances can have nearly identical melting points or have nearly identical boiling points, it is extremely rare for two different pure substances to have BOTH the same melting point AND the same boiling point, so taking the two together is usually enough to uniquely identify a substance, or at the very least narrow it down to a very small list.

How could the identify of a compound be established by melting point?

Pure substances have very specific melting (and boiling) points. Assuming the substance is pure you could measure the melting point and compare it to a known database of melting points.

What effect do impurities have on melting and boiling points?

Impurities can increase or decrease the melting and boiling points of substances depending on what the impurity is.

How do the melting and boiling point determine the purity of the substance and identify them?

This is possible because the melting and boiling point are specific properties.

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