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Well, it's not really a tube. It's more like a stack of cells in a column, and the water moves along by being transferred from cell to cell. If you want to learn more about this transfer, called capillary action, try this website: - 7k

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Q: How is The column of water extending in tubes from plant roots to leaves maintained?
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The column of water exstending in tubes from plant roots to leaves is due mostly to what?


What do leaves do for its plant?

Leaves are mainly responsible for photosynthesis in a plant.

Why does plants have leaves?

the plant has to get chloraphill in the leaves can help a plant

Which type of leaves a gram plant has?

gram plant has compound leaves.

Are cotyledons a plant's first leaves?

yes they are a plant first leaves

What is the role of cholorophyll in a plant's leaves?

it makes the plant leaves green

What are leaves for?

Plants use a process called photosynthesis in order to change sunlight into food. This process takes place mostly in the leaves of a plant. Leaves are large and flattened so that a large area of chlorophyll is exposed to the sunlight. Leaves are also used in a process called transpiration, which helps draw water and dissolved minerals up the plant's stem from the roots, where these substances have been absorbed from the soil. During transpiration, water evaporates through tiny holes in the leaves. More water is drawn up through a thin tube extending down the plant's stem.

How does water enter leaves?

Water enters the root cells by osmosis and enters into the xylem. The pressure of water entering the xylem creates osmotic pressure, pushing the column of water up through the stem. Water evaporating on the surface of the leaf cells pulls on other molecules and pulls the column of water up the plant and into the leaves.

What is the importance of leaves in plant?

because the leaves create food for the plant.

Does magnesium create dead leaves and yellow leaves on a plant?

Magnesium deficiency create dead leaves and yellow leaves on a plant.

Why are leaves considered the industry of the whole plant?

The leaves make the food for the plant.

What type of plant has no leaves?

A cactus has no leaves.