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Yes, mold is a living organism.

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Q: Is Mold a living organism
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Is mold a living or non living organism?


Is mold living?

Yes, mold is a living organism. But, they don't have the power to produce food for themselves.

Why does mold rise on bread?

Yeast,Its a living organism,Fungi.And it's (MOLD)

Do bread mold gets its nutrients from bread?

Bread mold is not a living organism and does not get nutrients from bread.

Is mold is a living microorganism?

Mold is a living organism. It is a simple tiny living organism that grows wherever water is available to reproduce. It eats the material it grows on. Some molds produce unpleasant odors.

What is the pH of mold?

Undetectable! Mold is NOT a pure compound or watery solution but 'living' substance (micro-organism).

Is yeast a non living complex substance?

Yeast is a living organism much like a mold.

What does mold feed on if it is on a bread?

mostly oxygen and the yeast, due to the fact yeast is a living organism

How is bread mold different and the same as plants and animals?

The same because it is a living organism and different.... well I am not sure.

What do you call a organism that can't do photosynthesis?

mold, fungus, animal. any living thing that isn't a plant, really.

Is mold a living plant?

No, mold is not a plant. It is living but it is a fungi.

Is a bread mold parasitic saprophytic or autotrophic?

None of the above :) Bread mold is heterotrophic, meaning realize on other organisms for food. (compare to definitions below) parasitic: organism that feeds on another living organism saprophytic: organism that feeds on dead matter autotrophic: organism that makes its own food

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