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please explain further than whip cream can. But if it is in a can compressed with Co2 yes it is flammable its still nitrogen.

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Q: Is nitrous oxide in a whip cream can flammable?
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How does whip cream dispense from a can of reddi whip?

it uses nitros oxide to force it out

Are nitric oxides whip its and medical nitric oxides the same?

It's NITROUS oxide not NITRIC and no they're not

Does cool whip make you high?

Yes it can but not that much. You suck all the nitrous out of it and not the whip cream. But your best bet is to buy nitrous canisters online. They sell for a minimum. $6.50

What is the pressure in a 9 Gram CO2 canister such as those manufactured for the low end guns and similar to the ones that contain nitrous oxide for whip cream?

At 70 degrees F, CO2 obtains a gas pressure of 852.8 psi when confined in a vessel

Why do you have to whip it and whip it good?

If you are referring to the 1980 Devo single, there are a number of answers. Written by Mark Mothersbaugh, the song indeed is sort of a self-help poem. The first option is simply to Whip It Good in order to pull yourself up and to overcome adversity. That's the most common interpretation. If you ask Devo themselves, they will tell you that it was about Jimmy Carter, but that was years after the song was written, so it may not be true. There are those who believe it's about inhaling nitrous oxide from whipped cream cans (a "whip-it", is a nitrous charger for whipped cream dispensers). Finally, there are certainly many who the lyrics at face value, as an ode to masturbation and sadomasochism.

What is the difference between nitric oxide and whip its nitric?

At the simplest level: Nitric Oxide is 1 Nitrogen atom and 1 Oxygen atom that make up the NO molecule. Nitrous Oxide is 2 Nitrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom that make up the N2O molecule.

Is there laughing gas in whipped cream?

YES, there is! My uncle is very good at foods and nutrition, and he's 54. He said that whip cream in fact does have laughing gas in it. I laugh so hard at pointless things when I eat it on cakes, pumpkin pie, milkshakes, or even brownies. Thanks for asking this question!!

Does whip cream come from sheep?

No whip cream is normally made from cows milk.

What are the release dates for Whip Cream - 1971?

Whip Cream - 1971 was released on: USA: 1971

Does Chris Brown like whip cream?

this question is a waste of time.YES he likes whip cream

What is the whip cream used on deco den?

the whip cream is silicone i use dap brilliant white

What is the difference between Cool Whip and whipped cream?

Cool Whip is a non-dairy cream. It is made of vegetable oil among other ingredients. Whip Cream is cream from cow. That is the main difference besides the taste.