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Q: The process in which compounds are converted to oxides by heating them in the air is called?
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What is the process called when energy in food is converted to compounds?

Biosynthesis; sometimes also called anabolism.

What is heating process called?

its called prolemious

How are sulfide ores turned into oxides?

Sulfide ores are usully converted to oxides by heating them in air, this process is called roasting. During this process, metal sulfide is turned into metal oxide and sulfur dioxide is given out as a by-product.

Can process of separation of compounds be called ionization?

If the compounds or atoms are separated into different ions while on a high temprature, the process can be called ionization. During the process they either gain a negative or a positive charge.

What is the process called when you expand the particles?

1. Probably heating.

What is the process of converting nitrogen into nitrogen compounds?

i dont kow. kkio.

Inactive compounds that in the body are converted to fully active drugs are called?

pro drug is one description.

The process by which carbon moves from inorganic to organic compounds and back is called?

This process is called photosynthesis.

What is a solid becoming a liquid?

The process ofa liquid being converted into a solid is called freezing.

What is the process of the breakdown of fats by repeated use and heating?

This is called Cracking.

What is the heating process called?

It would be easy to answer your question if it was complete. What is this process called ? seems to be an incomplete question. Which process you are talking about? There are many processes in this world of Biology.

Is starch converted in seed metabolism?

Yes, in a process called "germination".