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The two main branches of natural science are physical science and social science.

Physics is the study of energy, chemistry is the study of matter, and biology is the study of life.

1. Behavioral and Social Sciences Animal Behavior Anthropology Archeology Economics Education Ethnology Linguistics Psychology Sociology

2. Biochemistry Endocrinology Cytology Genetics Hematology Molecular Biology Nutrition Photosynthesis

3. Botany Photosynthesis Agriculture Agronomy Algology Anatomy Horticulture Forestry Mycology Pathology Physiology Taxonomy

4. Chemistry Fuels Inorganic Chemistry Materials Metallurgy Organic Chemistry Physical Chemistry

5. Computer Science Computer Computations Computer Data Bases Computer Graphics Computer Hardware Simulations Systems Analysis Software Development Networking

6. Earth and Space Sciences Astronomy Astrophysics Geography Geology Geophysics Mineralogy Oceanography Paleontology Seismology

7. Engineering Aeronautical Bioengineering Chemical Civil Electrical Electronic Mechanical Petroleum

8. Environmental Sciences Biodiversity Endangered Species Global Warming Impact Studies Mathematical Modeling Pollution Soil Contamination Waste Disposal

9. Gerontology Aging Studies Diseases Related to Aging

10. Mathematics Algebra Applied Mathematics Calculus Complex Variables Game Theory Geometry Non-Euclidean Geometry Operations Research Probability Pure Mathematics Statistics

11. Medicine and Health Audiology Dentistry Dermatology Forensic Medicine Medicine Nutrition Ophthalmology Pathology Pharmacology Speech Therapy

12. Microbiology Bacteriology Protozoology Virology

13. Physics Acoustics Atomic Physics Dynamics Electricity and Magnetism Light Mechanics Nuclear Physics Particle Physics Plasma Physics Statics Thermodynamics

14. Zoology Anatomy Cytology Entomology Histology Invertebrate Zoology Ornithology Ichthyology Herpetology Vertebrate Zoology

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Q: What are the branches of natural science?
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What is the most branches of science?

There are three branches in science. It is the natural, social and applied science.

Relate physics to other branches of natural science?

relate physics to the other branches of natural science

Major branches of science?

the two major branches of science are biological science and natural science. these two are divided into many branches.

What are different branches of science?

Science can be divided into natural sciences and social sciences. The main branches of natural science are: physical science, earth science, and life science.

What are the two main branches of science?

the two main branches of science is natural science, and muncar science.

Which branches of Natural science include study of an organism that lived 10 million years ago?

There are a few branches of natural science. The branches are life science and earth science Novanet.

What are the ten branches of science with their definitions?

There are not ten branches of science, there are only three. Natural science, social science, and formal science are the only branches. Everything else is a division of one of these three branches.

What are the two main branches of physical science?

The two main branches of physical sciences are social science and natural science.

What is the division of science what is science where are the branches of science?

uhm.. there are two types of science: social and natural

What are the two main branches of physics?

The two main branches of physical sciences are social science and natural science.

What is the three major branches of natural science?

Physical, Earth, and Life science

Which branches of natural science include the study of an organism that lived 10 million years ago?

Life Science and Earth Science are branches of Natural Science that include the study of organisms from millions of years ago.

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