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Temperature can not be used to identify a type of matter

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Q: What cannot be used to identify a type of matter color temperature melting point or density?
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What is the temperature for stainless steel to freeze?

Stainless steel would be frozen at room temperature because it is a solid. The melting point of stainless steel is about 1510 degrees Celsius, and the melting point is the same as the freezing point. So, at any point below 1510 degrees Celsius, stainless steel is a solid, therefore frozen.

Can you determine the identity of an unknown substance by calculating its density and observing chemical reactions?

Yes. You can divide the mass by the volume to find its density. Density is a property that can identify a substance.* * * * *No, you cannot! Density is not a property that can identify a substance unless you know that it is pure.All you can do is with mass and volume is determine the density of the substance, which could be a mixture. For example, sodium has a density of 0.97 g/cc and osmium a density of 22.6 g/cc. These two metals can be combined in various proportions to give an alloy with a density with any value between the two given numbers. I am not sure how stable such an alloy might be but the point is that you could make an alloy with the same density as tin, or iron, or lead or bronze.

What is liquid... low high and medium density?

under normal living constitutions:mercury - highwater - 1g/cm3acetone - lowunder melting const. (high temp.):uranium - highiron - mediumplastic - lowlow temp.:hydrog. - lowoxygen - mediumCo2 - highConsider constitutions under which you consider something "liquid".

Why does a mixture of water and ice stay the same temperature while the water melts the ice?

The heat going into the ice initially breaks the hydrogen bonds between water molecules, during which the temperature remains constant. Once the hydrogen bonds are broken, the heat will go into melting the ice and the temperature will increase.

What are the factors affecting density?

Density is equal to the mass of the substance divided by the volume of the substance. D=m/V When you heat a gas, it expands. When it expands, its volume increases. If the volume of a substance increases while the mass stays the same (no loss nor gain in mass) then the density will decrease. If the gas cools, the volume will decrease and the density will increase.

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Can you use weight to identify a type of material?

You cannot use just weight to identify a material.You can use density to identify materials.

What can be used to identify a type of matter?

temperature cannot be used to identify a type of matter.

Which is true of a melting point and a boiling point?

Melting point: at this temperature a solid become a liquid.Boiling point: at this temperature a liquid become a gas.

Is lead a liquid?

Yes , if it has a melting point it can turn into a liquid... if you wan to know the melting point of lead this is it: 327.5 C

How can a mixed melting point confirm the identity of an unknown compound?

The melting point is not enough to definitely identify the compound because different compounds may have a similar melting point range. It all depends on the compounds. If you have a compound of acetanilide and flourene, the results will lead to similar melting points of 115 degrees Celsius and 116 degrees of Celsius. The ranges will be similar so it would be hard to definitely identify the compound.

What temperature of water is best for ice cube melt faster?

If Ice cubes are melting in water, the temperature of both the ice cubes and the water will be exactly the freezing temperature of water: 32F, 0C. You cannot change this. You can add heat to make the ice cubes melt faster, but the extra heat will have no effect on the temperature, It will all go to melting the ice cubes.

What is the relationship between air temperature and its density?

air temperature: the temperature of the air... air density: how much air there is, for example on top of a mountain there is low air density because there is not much air but at sea level there is higher air density because there is lots of air. this happens becuse air actually has a mass and it sinks down to sea level where it cannot go lower. The density of all materials is dependent on ambient temperature. For gases the influence of temperature is stronger. Raising the temperature of a gas (air) the density is lower and inversely.

What is the density of gas that has a gram molecular mass of 32 grams?

To calculate the density of a gas, we need to know the molar mass and the pressure and temperature conditions. Without this information, we cannot determine the density of the gas.

What are melting points?

helium cannot exist as solid and thus has no melting point

What is density multiplied by density?

no, u cannot

What are helium melting point?

helium cannot exist as solid and thus has no melting point

Which has greater density-1kg of platinum or 3kg of gold?

When you compare density, you compare the weight of the materials with equal volume. So you cannot compare the density only by weight. The right answer for this is, Platinum has the density of 19.8 gr/cubic centimeters at room temperature versus Golds 19.3 gr/cm3.