What did Alexandra Fleming do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Flemming is most famous for his discovery of penicillin

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I don’t lnow

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Q: What did Alexandra Fleming do?
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What made Alexandra Fleming famous?

ALEXANDER Fleming discovered penicillin.

What antibiotic did sir Alexandra Fleming discover?

what antibiotic did Alexander Fleming discover

Where did Alexandra Fleming go to school?

St Mary's Medical School

Who is Alexandra Fleming?

he is the man who invented penicillin. (answered by Becky Jones)

Why was antibiotics needed when Alexandra Fleming discovered them?

the second world war had started

What significant contribution did Alexandra Fleming made to fighting disease?

he discovered penicillin

What did Alexandra Fleming discovered that earned him the 1945 nobel prize for medicine?

He discovered the injection penicillin

What did Alexander Fleming invent?

He discovered penicillin. Or more commonly known, antibiotics which helps us to heal infections.

How the discovery about bacteria and ulcers was made?

it is hard to find this answer but if you really want it check out Alexandra Fleming on wikipedia.

Who was Fleming and what did he discover?

Alexandra Fleming was a scientist who discovered the anti biotic penicillin. he actually discovered it by an accident. but it was used to cure the army in w.w2 as in world war 2.So he got famous by inventing something by accident!

What did Alexandra flemin invent?

I really think some folks need to go back to school and learn how to spell . . . ALEXANDER FLEMING discovered PENICILLIN!

What did Alexandra Fleming discover and how?

His name was Alexander, not Alexandra . . . he accidentally discovered that a type of fungus would kill bacteria when he accidentally got a bit of bread mold on a culture dish that had a good growth of bacteria on it. The mold killed the bacteria! When this type of fungus was refined, it became the active ingredient of the antibiotic, "Penicillin".