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This is an intermolecular attraction of water molecules, associated by hydrogen bonds.

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hydrogen bonding

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Q: What is the attractive force between water molecules known as?
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What is the attractive forces between like molecules?

Cohesive force is the attractive force between like molecules. Cohesive forces are also known as intermolecular forces and can also be repulsion forces.

The attractive force between masses is known as?

cohesion: the intermolecular attraction between like molecules

Difference between electric forces and gravitational forces is that electrical forces include?

In case of electric force there are both repulsive and attractive. But in case of gravitational force, only attractive force. Electrical force between electric charges. Gravitational force between masses. In electric force we use a constant known as permittivity of the medium. But in gravitational force a universal constant known as Gravitational constant is used. Electrical force is very much greater than gravitational force.

What are valence forces?

Molecules that interact chemically have attractive exchange forces; these are also known as valence forces

What are dispersion bonds?

Dispersion Bond is the weak force of attraction between molecules of same element and bond is formed is known as dispersion bond

Force that pulls objects towards each other?

There are four fundamental forces that can, depending on circumstances, pull objects towards each other. In order of decreasing strength... The Strong Atomic Force binds protons and neutrons together in the nucleus of the atom. Release of the Strong Atomic Force is the energy behind the Sun, nuclear power, and nuclear bombs. The Electromagnetic Force causes charged particles, such as electrons and protons, to interact with each other. Like charges repel, and unlike charges attract. The Electromagnetic Force is responsible for nearly every phenomenon that occurs, with the exception of Gravity. The Electromagnetic Force, in the form of both magnetism and electricity, is used in nearly every conversion of power that we use. The Weak Atomic Force creates radioactive decay and aids in the fusion process. Gravity is the force of attraction between any two objects, such as the Earth and the Moon.

The forces between SO2 molecules are known as?


What are inter particle forces of attraction?

Inter-particle force, also known intermolecular force, are forces of attraction and repulsion which act between neighboring particles. compared to intramolecular forces, they are a weak force.

Do the fastest or slowest moving molecules break away from the surface of liquid water to form water vapor?

The fastest moving water molecules will break away from the surfrace of the water to form water vapor, they have the energy to overcome the attractive forces between molecules.

What force holds molecular solids together?

London dispersion forces (also known as van der Waals forces) hold molecular solids together. or Intermolecular forces

How centripetal force balances n circular motion of electron?

the centripetal force along with the attractive force of the electron on the nucleus are balanced by a phenomnon known as the strong nuclear force which prevents the electron from coliding with the nucleus

Is nuclear force repulsive between protons?

No, it is attractive. The strong nuclear force, as it is known, is what overcomes the coloumbic repulsion of the positively charged protons, which would otherwise tend to fly apart due to the electromagnetic force (like charges repulse).