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Your body cant digest cellulose but its pretty much just fiber

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Q: What is undigested cellulose called?
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What is the undigested part of food that promotes peristalsis?


What substances are present in the gut contents by the time they reach the anus?

Undigested food, largely cellulose, some water and bacteria are normally present in faeces.

Can humans digest carbohydrates?

Most carbohydrates, yes. Though there are a few carbs, notably cellulose (fiber), that pass through the alimentary canal unchanged and undigested.

What is undigested food wastes of humans called?


What do you call in undigested material which is stored in the rectum?

ummmm.....nature's little gift of love....poop.

What are these glucose polymers called?


Why are you advised to eat salad which is rich in cellouse and you cannot digest cellouse?

Undigested cellulose is fibre. Fibre gives your gut muscles something to push against and prevents them from atrophying.

What is the regurgitated undigested matter in birds called?

Pellets - as in owl pellets

What is the elimination of undigested material from the digestive tract called?

Defecation or elimination is the process of removing undigested food (feces) from the body.

Can you digest cotton balls?

No you cannot. Cotton balls contain mostly cellulose fiber. And the digestive system of humans does not have the ability to break down the cellulose into more simple carbohydrates that can be absorbed into the body. So if you did try and eat one, it would only come out the other end, undigested.

Cellulose belongs to a group of molecules called?

Cellulose belongs to polysaccharides, a group of carbohydrates.Cellulose belongs to a group of carbohydrate molecules called polysaccharides.

What is removal of undigested and unabsorbed solid residues of food from the body called?