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When oxygen is added to an element through a chemical reaction, this is called oxidation. A common oxidation is the formation of rust.

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An element has only one component. The only element you can remove oxygen from is oxygen. Doing so would leave you nothing

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Q: What type of reaction adds oxygen to an element?
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If you remove oxygen from a metal oxide what is the reaction type?

the reaction type will (reduction) taken away oxygen from the reaction

What type of protists adds oxygen to the air?

i do not no

What element go you get when combining iridium oxygen and nitrogen?

Well, this is a fun type question. The answer to this funny question is Iron (Ir of iridium, O for oxygen and N for nitrogen).But in principle, there is no chemical reaction and the element iron is not formed when iridium is treated with oxygen and nitrogen

Which element is always a reactant in a combustion reaction?

Every combustion reaction we deal with produces gas with oxygen in the product, so O2 (oxygen gas) must be a reactant. For example, methane reacts with Oxygen in this way: CH4(l) + O2(g) -> C02(g)+2H2(g) Note O2 in gaseous form as a reactant.

What type of reaction is S8 plus 12O2 8 SO3?

This is a Composition Reaction (also known as Formation Reaction).... element + element ------> compound

What type of element of oxygen?

A gas at STP.

What type of reaction can an element and compound be combined?


Is oxygen a type of gas?

Oxygen is an element. At room temperature, molecular oxygen (O2) is a gas.

What element is known as basis of life element?

i believe its carbon

Oxygen is what type of element?

part of the oxygen group....gas, nonmetal...

Why do all atoms of an element have the same chemical prperties?

Because they are all the same type of atoms. Oxygen is an element. If you have 10 oxygen atoms, they will all behave like oxygen, since they are the same element.

What type of property causes iron to rust?

An oxidation reaction (reaction with oxygen) in the presence of water.