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the brakes on a bicycle when used turn kinetic energy into chemical energy.

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Q: What uses kinetic energy from moving air?
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What kind of energy produces heat because of many subatomic particles that are moving around in the air?

kinetic energy

What type of energy is present in a barbell lifted or a shot-pull being thrown?

kinetic energy being enacted. this energy is giving rise to potential energy too, as the item is being lifted into the air. When an item is lifted, it is given potential energy, as this potential energy is what fuels its future descent. So, when moved, kinetic energy is both moving the object, and storing potential energy for future use.

Where are potential and kinetic energy in a blizzard?

The kinetic energy would be the energy of a piece of snow hurtling through the air. The potential energy would be calculated based on how far the piece of snow has to go to reach the ground.

What is a type of turbine used to capture the energy of moving air?

A windmill is a type of turbine that is used to capture the energy of moving air.

What decreases kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy is the energy that an object has when it is in motion, so anything that will stop the motion of an object will decrease it's kinetic energy. The motion of an object can be stopped by any outside force acting on the object, whether sudden (think of stopping a rolling soccer ball with your foot -- that's decreasing it's kinetic energy), or continuous (the friction of that ball against the air and ground will eventually cause it to stop rolling on its own). In the vacuum of space where there is no air to create friction a projectile will continue moving at the same speed without stopping and without decreasing its kinetic energy.

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Does a reflecting panel uses the kinetic energy of moving air?


How is moving air a source of energy?

Moving air has both mass and speed, therefore it has kinetic energy. In principle, this can be converted into other forms of energy.

Is the movement of air from a fan kinetic energy?

If the air is moving, then it has kinetic energy. If the fan is running, then the blade has kinetic energy. Maybe that's where the moving air got its kinetic energy from. If the dog is also walking through the room, then the dog has kinetic energy too, but he probably didn't get his kinetic energy from the fan or the air. On the other hand, a piece of tissue floating through the room could very well have gotten its kinetic energy from the fan, but that kinetic energy had to be carried from the fan to the tissue by the moving air.

A feather floating in the air has what type of energy?

it has kinetic energy..because its moving.... kinetic energy is if something moves....thats why its kinetic energy

Do windmills use kinetic energy?

Windmills transform the kinetic energy of the moving air mass into other energy forms.

Why does wind have energy?

Wind is moving air. Since it is in motion, it has Kinetic energy. It is this Kinetic energy that is harnessed by wind turbines.

What energy uses kinetic energy of the air to turn a generator?

Wind energy.

What uses the kinetic energy of the air to produce power?


How is kinetic energy in tennis?

Kinetic energy is energy in motion. So, there is kinetic energy when the ball is moving through the air. There is sciatic energy when the ball is resting on the racket! Hope this helps.

What are the energy transformations of the windmill?

Kinetic energy (moving air) is converted into electrical energy by a generator.

What energy uses kinetic energy of air to turn a generator?

it is a electrical energy ____________________________________________ Wind energy

How does an airplane flying have kinetic energy?

It has kinetic energy because it is moving. Just because it is in the air doesn't mean that it can't have kinetic energy.