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They are capable of converting atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen that can be used by plants. They make the soil better.

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Q: Why farmers prefer to grow bean and peas in nitrogen deficent soil?
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Is bean or rice help in nitrogen fixation?


Is pulses nitrogen fixing plant or not?

"Under ideal conditions, pulse crops can fix as much as 50-80 per cent of their total nitrogen requirement, with the remaining nitrogen coming from soil or fertilizer sources. Pulse crops can be ranked according to their estimated ability to fix nitrogen: faba bean > pea > chickling vetch > chickpea > lentil > soybean > lupin> dry bean." I looked up pulses "nitrogen fixing" in Google to find that site).

What has the author James Elias Webster written?

James Elias Webster has written: 'Nitrogen metabolism in the soy bean ..' -- subject(s): Metabolism, Nitrogen, Plants, Soybean

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How do microbes help pea and bean plants?

Microbes can help pea and bean plants by giving them important nutrients needed for healthy growth. For example, there are microbes that can add nitrogen, which is essential to plant growth.

Soya beans don't need nitrogen fertilizer?

All the bean family -the legumes- have symbiotic bacteria that live in nodules in the roots. These bacteria have the ability to take nitrogen out of the air and convert it into nitrogen chemicals that the plants can use - they are called nitrogen fixing bacteria-. Legumes therefore do not need added fertilizers to flourish.

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What can you do with Lima Bean Leaves?

the leaves of all legumes are very valuable in compost since they are high in nitrogen and will greatly increase the fertility of the compost

Soil is deprived of nitrates what do you plant?

Virtually anything in the Legume(pea and bean) family will produce nitrogen as these form nodules with Rhizobacteria which convert N2 gas to nitrate. You can plant vetch, soybeans, dry bean plants, pea plants, and any other plant that is a Legume. You can also apply Nitrogen fertilizer as well and Nitrates will be made as it ozidizes.

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What kind of plants host bacteria nodules that fix free nitrogen?

Rhizobia bacteria are primarily responsible for pulling nitrogen out of the air and making it available to plants, which then use the nitrogen to create proteins. The legume family (the pea & bean family) of plants are able to form a mutually beneficial relationship with rhizobia bacteria.