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CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube,

This is the way that the image is projected onto the screen. In much the same way as old style TVs and is the reason CRT screens have that big back end (to accomadate the Cathode Ray Tube)

This is different from newer Computer Monitors such as TFT screens; Trans reflective. Etc

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Q: Why is a computer screen called CRT?
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What are two names for a computer screen?

A computer screen can be called a few things. Most commonly, they are referred to as "Computer Monitors". They are also called "Computer Displays". Sometimes, they are referred to by the technology they employ to display an image, or by other physical characteristics of the device. For example, sometimes the abbreviation CRT is referring to a computer monitor. CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube. CRT monitors are very similar to older televisions. Sometimes, monitors are called Flat Panel Displays. This usually means that it is an LCD monitor.

What is a screen on a tv called?

CRT Cathod ray tube

Is a measure of how many spots on a CRT screen are addressable by software?

The total number of spots on a CRT screen that are addressable by software is called screen resolution. Typical resolutions include 1024x768, 800x600 and 1600x1200.

What displays the results of processing called?

The result of processing data on a computer can be viewed on a display, monitor, screen, CRT, VDT, LED display, printer or be obtained by voice output.

What was the TV screen called before plasma?

Prior to flat screen TVs the technology was CRT (cathode ray tube)

What is the screen on your computer called where all the icons are?

The screen on a computer is part of a monitor. It is referred as the monitor "panel" or as the "display surface" The latter is the surface of the large end of a cathode ray tube, where images are created.

Each composite location on a CRT screen is really made up of three dots and is called a?

It's called a triad.

What type of computer component is a CRT?

The term CRT is techie shorthand for Cathode Ray Tube. A CRT configuration was first used for such items as scientific instruments (eg Sine Meters, Wave Form Generators) and older type televisions. In computer terms, CRT identifies the older type of Monitor (with the deep back) as opposed to the modern LCD flat-screen monitors.

For CRT monitors is a measure of how many spots on a CRT screen are addressable by software?


What is a large box sort of screen called?

I think you are talking about the older style TVs ? The 13" to 40" with the hard glass screens were called CRT tube TVs. The big one were CRT projection Tvs.

What is a CRT used for?

A CRT, cathode ray tube, is used in televisions and traditional computer monitors to create images by deflecting and accelerating the electron beans onto the screen. It is a vacuum tube that contains electron guns.

What is a three letter word for PC screen?

The abbreviation is CRT.