Guide to Cake Decoration

Buying custom cakes can be expensive, so why not save money and learn how to decorate beautiful cakes at home? Here's all the information you need on how to get started on your own edible masterpiece.

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How to decorate the sides of a cake

The easiest way is with a decorators icing bag with the icing tip(s) of your choice. The icing bag with a large flat tip is also an easy way to apply icing the sides of the cake, then just smooth it out. Decorating is also easier if the iced cake has been chilled so the icing has set.

Where can one purchase piping bags for cake decorating

One can purchase piping bags for cake decorating from a variety of different stores. You can try the baking aisle in a large supermarket, a specialist baking store, or even online at sites such as Amazon.

Can baking paper be used as piping bags in cake decoration

Yes, it works well.

I need the top of a cake round for a treasure chest cake. How do i add extra cake on to make the top look rounded

There are several methods of getting a rounded cake top.

First, you can use an additional egg white, and beat the egg whites until they are stiff (not dry) before folding them into the batter. Then bake at least half of the batter in a loaf pan. The top should rise up, forming a dome much like a treasure chest.

Another method, also using a loaf pan. Bake two layers in loaf pans. This time let's assume they do NOT rise up into nice round tops, but bake flat. Turn the layers out of the pans, then, when the cakes are completely cool, use a serrated bread knife to shape one layer into a rounded shape. Put the layers together with icing, then use plenty of icing to smooth out and further shape the top.

A third - and easiest - method is to bake part of the cake in a rounded pan. Coffee Cans are often used for this purpose. Grease the can well or line it with parchment or waxed paper. Bake part of the cake in the coffee can, then turn it out and cool it, then cut one side off for a flat base, leaving the rounded top.

What is needed for basic cake decorating

You could use Fondant, Icing, Frosting, Pecans, Chocolate Syrup Drizzle, Their are several Ways to decorate a cake

Why use icing to decorate cake

There are many alternatives to icing.

Melted chocolate thinned with a little cream.

Whipped cream and fruit.(Strawberries, in fact any berries, cherries, slices of kiwi fruit, and passion fruit are colourful.) For a special occasion dip strawberries or cherries in melted chocolate half way.

Dust the cake with sifted icing sugar, a pattern can be achieved using a paper doily.

Jam and shredded coconut.

How can you make homemade cake decorating frosting

Paging through the many recipes on the internet, I linked below the three best that I could find, some with helpful information.

How do you decorate a cake with icing roses

The easiest thing to do is to get a tip for the icing bag that make a design, so you only have to squeeze the icing out but it comes out looking like a rose. Place the icing flowers scattered around the cake, or in a neat little ro along and edge or base.

How do you decorate a cake

The simplest thing to do is to icing the cake. Icing can be either made or bought from a store. After that, it depends on what you want to do. People sometimes put toppings (coconut shavings, chocolate pieces / shaving, icing designs, sprinkles, nuts, fruit, cookie crumbs, and so on) onto the cake. Other make designs in the icing or use extra icing to add flair like icing flowers or swirls. Some color the icing to change the look. You can also use fondant, but that is getting a bit more professional.

How do you stiffen frosting so you can decorate a cake with it

Refrigerate it.



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