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Why do central banks play an important role in the global economy

Central banks control the foreign currency reserves that are used for international trade.
They also set each country's monetary policies.

Why is globalization potentially damaging to the environment

Protecting the environment increases production costs and reduces competitiveness.

What is the main goal of the WTO

To assure that international trade flows smoothly and freely

What was the result of developed countries extracting resources from their colonies

There was a one-way flow of wealth favoring the colonizers.

Why does the World Bank charge little or no interest on the loans it makes

Its main purpose is to promote development, not make profits.

What is one of the disadvantages of getting a government-sponsored mortgage

Government mortgages put a limit on the purchase price of a house. Government mortgages take a long time and a lot of paperwork to get approved.

Why does a savings account make a better investment than a checking account

Savings accounts earn interest.

When is liability insurance needed

When you cause an accident that damages another vehicle or hurts someone

What can discretionary funds be used to pay for

Discretionary funds are government spending by passing an appropriations bill to pay for a program such as military spending or education. The money is raised and can only be spent on the program in the bill.

What is one of the non-monetary benefits of attending college

The ability to choose a satisfying job

How do flexible expenses differ from fixed expenses

Flexible expenses vary over time.

Why can consumers have influence over politicians

Politicians rely on the votes of consumers to keep them in office.

Why does the IMF impose conditions on its loans

To help manage the economies of struggling countries

Because most developing countries have weak domestic industries they do not benefit from what

Free-trade policies

What is the grace period on a credit card

The number of days the customer can wait to pay for purchases without being charged interest

When does country X have a comparative advantage in the production of coffee

When they can produce it at a lower opportunity cost than other countries.

Which of these helps you avoid debt by keeping your expenses below your income

A personal budget

A socially responsible consumer will put which of these concerns ahead of price

A socially responsible consumer will want to make sure a decision is good for the community or the environment more so than just getting a good deal for a service or good. This is a responsible act.

Does globalization benefit us

Some people will say it does, and some will say it won't. But really, globalization is different for everyone.

What would cause job loss in the united states

people playing call of duty

Which of these is a good method of increasing income so that it covers all expenses in a budget

Getting another job or working overtime

What is one of the primary concerns of socially responsible consumers


What Helps people keep track of the amount of money in the checking account

Checkbook registers (apex)

What are the best pagers for someone who is on a budget;

The best pagers for someone on a budget would be certain ones from Motorola and Alpha Numeric. These two brands have plenty of varieties for people on a budget.

What time is Churchill most clearly using

I cannot answer this question.

Match each organization with its correct relationship to the government

A. Social security _ government agency

B. U.S. Postal Service _ government corporation

C. Boeing _ government contractor

Match each type of unfair business practice with its description (apex)

1.Vendor lock in: a company say a wide range of product can be used with its products but this is not true.

  1. Price fixing: a group of companies agree that all of them will charge the same price.

3.Predatory pricing: a large company charges a price below production cost in order to eliminate small competitors.

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