Julius Caesar

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What did the conspirators do after they killed Caesar

they washed their hands in his blood

What kind of handicap did Caesar have

He did have seizures and probable epilepsy. He may have been deaf in the left ear as so.

Who was Lucius

Brutus' trusted servant

What does Caesar bequeath in his will

his private gardens and walkways to the people of rome

Why did Caesar's ghost visit Brutus

to tell brutus that he would see him at philippi

What was the effect of Brutus condemning Lucius Pella for taking bribes

Cassius was mad.

It is an insult to Cassius for Brutus to condemn Lucius Pella. Cassius had vouched for Pella in letters to Brutus, which Brutus ignored. So in a way Brutus is devaluing Cassius word or honor. Honor was pretty huge for men in Rome.

Which member of the conspiracy bowed before Caesar and asked him to pardon his brother who had been banished from Rome by Caesar

Wow It Was Metellus Cimber

Who brought news to Brutus and Cassius that Antony and Octavius had put to death over a hundred Senators in the Capitol

Titinius and Messala

What mistake did Caesar make when approaching the capitol building

He neglected to read Artemidorus's note

What did Mark Antony present to the people after his speech

Caesar's will

Who tried to expedite the renewed friendship between Brutus and Cassius

the poet

What request did Mark Antony make of the conspirators

That he be allowed to take Caersar's body to the marketplace and make a speeche to the commoners

What did Brutus believe people would call the conspirators instead of murderers


Why was the poet Cinna accosted by the crowd after Antony's speech

Because he had the same name as one of the conspirators

While the officers dropped off to sleep and Brutus was reading what was Brutus distracted by

Caesar's ghost

Why did Cassius get mad at Brutus

because of his condemnation of Lucius Pella for taking bribes

What is the function of the gerund phrase in this sentence Taking a warm bath will relax your nerves

The gerund phrase, "Taking a warm bath..." is the subject of the verb 'will relax'; the subject of the sentence.

Why did Metellus want to include Cicero in the conspiracy

He was a well-respected guy and would add credibility to their cause.
people respected him for his age and wisdom

What is the function of the gerund phrase in The recipe for cooking macaroni and cheese is simple

In the sentence, The recipe for cooking macaroni and cheese is simple, the word cooking macaroni and cheese does the work of a noun phrase.

What does Decius Brutus convince Caesar that the blood in Porias dream represents

Brutus wish the conspirators could do to Caesar

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