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What is Standard and Poors

Standard and Poors is one of the 3 premier Credit Rating Agencies in the world.

What is a stock portfolio

A stock portfolio is all the stocks that you own. I would venture to say that if you had one stock in any company, you would have one stock in your portfolio. If you had 5 different stocks, you would have a total of 5 stocks in your portfolio.

What does the term annual percentage rate mean for a certificate of deposit account

Annual percentage yield (APY) is a normalized representation of an interest rate, based on a compounding period of one year

What happens when the supply of a nonperishable good is greater than the consumer wants to buy

Either the price drops until the consumers are prepared to buy more, or supplier are left holding surplus stocks until replacement purchases clear these inventories.

No manufactured good is truly non-perishable, and so will eventually require replacement.

What are limited quantities of resources to meet unlimited wants


What bank did Hamilton support

First bank of the united states. He was the first Secretary of the Treasury.

Objects that have value because the holder can exchange them for something else of value

representative money

A collection of financial assets is known as an investors


Money serves as a good store of value except when an economy experiences a period of


How does a pension fund act as an investor

the company invests money collected from employers

In the financial system who are the borrowers

households, individuals, and businesses

What is Bradex

Bradex is the name of any plate sold on the secondary market. The secondary market is the trading, purchasing and selling of plates recently sold on the primary market by The Bradford Exchange.

The physical capital used by a woodworker to make furniture would include

saws and drills

Which of these are issued by corporations and us government


What is the purpose of social security taxes

Old age survivors and disability insurance (oasdi) social security benefits and medicare insurance .

What is the option to sell shares of stock at a specified time in the future called

It's actually called a call option. I will provide you with a definition I just found for this, and some additional tips on options trading.

- - - - -

The option to sell shares is a put. The option to buy them is a call.

What is money that has value because the government has established it as acceptable for payment of debts

representive money.

What right guarantees the freedom to make a request of the government

The right to petition is the right which guarantees the freedom to make a request of the government.

What is the amount paid to purchase a bond that will be repaid at maturity

face value

What markets in which money is lent for periods longer than one year

Capital markets

What does default refer to

the failure to pay back a loan

What is the simple interest of a loan for 1000 with 5 percent interest after 3 years

$150. 5% interest per $1000 is $50 per year. You had the loan 3 years- $50 x 3.

Can money donated to charity be claimed on a tax deduction sheet in the US

It depends which state, what charity, time of the year, and the purpose of the charity. Most often charity money can be claimed on a tax deduction sheet in the U.S.

What protects a peaceful political organization from having to report its membership to the government

The right of association. Though not specifically stated in the United States Constitution's First Amendment, Freedom of Speech underpins the US Supreme Court's decisions in the rights of memberships and the groups people join (or not).

When was National Association for the Advancement of Colored People created

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was created in 1909.

What is an individual portion of stock referred to as

An individual portion of stock is referred to as a share.

What are the protections granted by the government called

Civil rights

What is an institution that helps channels funds for savers to borrowers called

a financial intermediary

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