Elections and Voting

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What is a random sample

A random sample is a selection from the population of interest where each item (persons, households, widgets, etc.) has an equal chance of being selected. The idea being that measuring a random sample of sufficient size will accurately (within a margin of error) reflect the "true" value that exists in the population - while at the same time reducing your study to a manageable size.

A random sample is integral in good survey design to reduce bias in your experiment.

What important change occurred during andrew jacksons presidency

The extension of voting rights to all white males.

Whose ideas led to the founding of the Democratic Party
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
How did the great depression change peoples view about government

The Great Depression caused people to look for the government to provide a basic safety net in times of economic downturn. People also wanted to see some form of a subsistence level of help from the government for those in the lowest tier of society.

Which is likely to happen when a minor party has a noticeable amount of support

its ideas are adopted by a major party

Which is a voting requirement of all states

Ballots should be secret. Maestro

Which would not be an expense for a candidate running for a national office

Salary for the candidate would not be an expense since the candidate does not receive a salary.

What is the first step in a scientific poll

First, choose the "universe," that is the population the poll aims to measure.

What is the largest provider of information to the greatest number of people

the Internet

What would be most likely to influence public opinion if a local politician had a plan to clean up a parki in your town


What statement best describe opinion leaders

A statement that best describes opinion leaders is they stand for what they believe. In addition, they tend to affect public opinion more than leaders that aren't opinionated.

Which is the most common and accurate way to measure public opinion


What was the Presidential Election Campaign Fund was created in 1971 to provide

limits on federal campaign spending

Why does a peer group have a strong influence on a persons opinions

group members have developed a special trust

What is the belief that a winning political party is empowered by voters to carry out campaign promises


What did the resignation of president Richard Nixon cause some people to do

Distrust the goverment

What mirrors public opinion but also helps sape it

The events that happen in the day to day mirrors the public opinion. The political leaders and the media help shape it.

When did Overseas Absentee Voting Act happen

Overseas Absentee Voting Act happened in 2003.

As children grow into adulthood their expands to include co-workers and neighbors

Peer group

The presidential election campaign fund was created in 1971 to provide what

Public funds for presidential campaigns

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