Prepositions Conjunctions and Interjections

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What is an aside from Romeo and Juliet

an aside is when a character is speaking to the audience and in this play romeo saying "shall i hear more or shall i speak at this?"

this is in act 3

What are some dangerous dogs

all dogs have the potential to be dangerous

What are the parts of the speech in English grammar

Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Conjunction, Interjection, Preposition, Verb, Adverb.

The adverb phrase in Have you ever hammered a nail into a piece of wood

into a piece of wood

What happens when you burn both ends of a candle

The candle will get smaller. because the heat of the fire will mealt the candle

Some of the mountain highlands on the moon rise 8000 meters above the surface

adverb phrase

What is the independent clause of Edgar Allan Poe was an American author who wrote Gothic and macabre short stories

The independent clause is "Edgar Allan Poe was an American author"

Parvo is a common disease in dogs caused by a virus in the air

No. Parvo virus is transmitted from dog to dog via feces of an infected dog. Either directly (nosing feces) or indirectly (dirty hands if owner cleans up). 91% fatally rate without vaccine.

What is the prepositional phrase in this sentence Tina and Jen were among the finalists

The prepositional phrase is "among the finalists."

After watching the poor performance the newspaper critic wrote several derogatory remarks about the actor


The moon revolves around the earth in an elliptical orbit

The orbit of the moon is elliptical, as are all orbits.

What is the adverb phrase Robespierre was one of the few members of the Jacobins who did not dress like a revolutionary

like a revolutionary

What type of conjunction is used in the sentence Of course neither the bus nor the train is the fastest way to travel

The conjunction "neither...nor" is called a correlating or correlative conjunction.

What is the prepositional phrase in One theory about the extinction of dinosaurs is that a huge asteroid or comet hit the earth with such force that soot or dust in the air blocked out sunlight

The 4 prepositional phrases are:

  1. about the extinction
  2. of dinosaurs
  3. with such force
  4. in the air
A prepositional phrase can function in a sentence as what type of phrase

an adverb phrase.

A store is giving 50 percent discount on all merchandise find the discount price

discount price = price / 2

Which of these words is not a preposition beneath among going throughout

The word "going" is not a preposition. It is a verb form or gerund (noun).

What type of conjunction is used in this sentence 'Vigorous exercise not only helps emotional well-being but also improves your body tone'

correlating conjunction

What are the conjunctions in this sentence The girl who plays the lead in your play is both talented and beautiful

talented and beautiful

Is a preposition one of the eight parts of speech

Yes, a preposition is one of the parts of speech.

(See related question for more information.)

What is the subordinate clause in the sentence Mom hopes that you will marry a man who can cook

The clause is "a man who can cook."

(It is part of the larger clause, a noun clause that functions as the object, everything after 'hopes')

What are the adjective phrases in the sentence As the moon continues in its orbit around the earth a part of the illuminated side of the moon becomes visible

There are three:

1. around the Earth

2. of the illuminated side

3. of the Moon

Which European team has won the most champion league trophy

Real Madrid of Spain have won the champion league 9 times.

Which of these words is not a preposition along beyond either until

The word either is not a preposition. It can be an adjective, adverb, or part of a conjunction (with or).

Which of these words is NOT a euphemism for the other words misrepresentation lie falsehood fib


What type of phrase is the capitalized words during his presidency John Quincy Adams swam in the potomac on summer afternoons

Adverb phrase

What is the prepositional phrase of The settlers rationed their supplies of dried meat, vegetables, and flour.

rationed their supplies

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