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What was title IX amendment

The Title IX Amendment prohibits sexual discrimination in educational institutions. The law protects any person on the basis of their sex from being excluded from participating in educational programs or activities that receive financial assistance.

Which is a type of clouds that creates a uniform flat gray sky


What did Reaganomics do

The policy of Reaganomics was based on "supply side" economics (which is often criticized as the "trickle down" strategy) to build economic growth. President Ronald Reagan championed across-the-board tax reduction and cutbacks in spending for social programs such as job education and welfare. The intent of the tax cuts was to leave capital in the private sector where it could be re-invested, rather than being acquired and used by the federal government. The net increase in economic activity would eventually generate tax revenue to compensate for the cuts.

The reactions to this idea are almost always subjective. Many critics decry the reduction in taxes for the richest Americans, who showed significant gains in wealth and hence political power. Supporters of the concept say it is based on the principles of free enterprise, rather than inefficient government involvement through higher taxes, subsidies, and public spending. The support for Reaganomics was divided substantially along the lines of the two major political parties. And as with most governmental policies, it had mixed results for the US economy.

Deregulate industries(apex)
deregulate industry

Which activist asked people to boycott grapes


Cesar Chavez

kelsmo m.k. :) <3

What does Chicano refer to

Type your answer here... Mexican Americans

How did Ross Perot attract voters during his presidential campaign in 1992

He used informercials

How did computer use change during the 1990s

Computers became common in homes.

How did the Iranian hostage crisis affect American opinion of their president

President Carter's popularity declined.

What was a reason for creating the Department of Housing and Urban Development

The main goals of the Department of Housing and Urban Development were:

To help poor people pay for housing

To provide help for urban renewal projects

To provide housing for the poor

What did Reagan do to stop Communism

He created the Reagan Doctrine.

Which invention spread in the 1990s that allowed people easier access to news and information

The Internet

Where does Volvo use fiber obtic

Only in the infotainment system (sound system,GPS etc) at this time.

How did the digital divide affect the need for information in the united States

Libraries needed to provide access to computers for those who could not afford them at home

During the first televised presidential debate in 1960 Richard Nixon

Did not perform well

Which of the following ideas is a major element of trickle down economics

Cutting taxes on businesses will encourage them to hire more workers. (Apex)

Which program started when President Johnson was in office A.Loyalty Boards B.NASA C.Medicare D.Peace Corps


Which of the following was not a candidate for president in 1992 A.Bill Clinton B.Ross Perot C.Barack Obama D.George H. W. Bush

Obama, who didn't run until 2008.

What of the following was a major problem of the United States in the late 1970s

High gas prices and oil shortages.

Which of these was not a result of the internet

The use of VCRs


Which of the following was NOT true about television since the 1980sApex - The major news networks grew to be stronger than ever This is primarily for lazy people who just instantly copy n' paste

The major news networks grew to be stronger than ever

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