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Another name for groundhog


What term is defined as mathematical equations based on rules of physics

Okay I have had trouble with this one but the correct answer is scientific laws.
It is a formula of which formulae is its plural.

What are the cells that form nervous tissue called


What term is defined as any change in the genetic code on DNA and usually occurs during replication

it is known as mutation

Alexander the Great was originally the king of which country


its actually MECEDONIA

What trophic level is most affected by environmental toxins such as DDT

The answer is top predators.

How can an organism produced by asexual reproduction be unique and different from its parents

When mutations occur

What is the root word in confidence

fid. Fid is latin. Fid means faith. So Confidence means to have faith in oneself

Which of these might offer a source of energy for humans that would not affect the environment

The answer is solar energy.

How many unique gametes can be produced via independent assortment for an organism with a diploid number of 6 chromosomes

When a zygote is diploid it obtains two sets of chromosomes. Gametes contain one set of chromosomes. Therefore, 6 chromosomes would amount to 3 sets of gametes.

A woman with type O blood has children with her husband who has type AB what percent of their children would you expect to have type O blood


Which sentence segment contains a punctuation error

sentence segment

What is the independent clause of Edgar Allan Poe was an American author who wrote Gothic and macabre short stories

The independent clause is "Edgar Allan Poe was an American author"

A joint between hand and elbow AND to stand guard over what is this


Most poets have another job they can't make a living on the income from their poetry


Not far away AND at the side of


What is the independent clause in the sentence Mom wouldn't let me go to the party until my room was cleaned

The independent clause is "Mom wouldn't let me go to the party" This is a separate clause that could be it's own sentence.

The dependent clause is "until my room was cleaned" (adverb clause).

What is the subordinate clause of Jeff read the book on football strategies that the coach recommended

"that the coach recommended" is the subordinate clause

Classify the capitalized words In 1609 Galileo was the first person to look at the moon through a telescope

adverb phrase

What is the prepotitional phrase in The tornado uprooted trees and roofs of houses were blown away

The prepositional phrase is "roofs of houses."

Which sentence segment contains a punctuation error Alicia doesn't pay attention to her penmanship therefore her writing is often difficult to read

The sentence should read:

Alicia doesn't pay attention to her penmanship; therefore, her writing is difficult to read.

What is a compound word for the sentence very wide AND to place by throwing

broadcast A+

What group of words comes first alphabetically

writing a literary paragraph

What was one of the results of being defeated in the peloponnesian war in 404 BC

Losing the war.

What is the subordinate clause of after you finish your dinner you may go to the movies

"After you finish your dinner" is the subordinate clause.

What is the prepositional phrase for the sentence your birthday is on a Sunday next year

"Your birthday is on a Sunday next year."

The prepositional phrase in this sentence is "on a Sunday."

What type of sentence is 'Did you know that Robert Redford was once elected sewer commissioner of Provo Utah'

That is an interrogative sentence.

How would you capitalize this sentence in the Hawaiian islands the east wind blows strongly

In the Hawaiian islands, the east wind blows strongly.

What is a true statements regarding melic poetry

It was accompanied by either a lyre or flute.

What are the classified capitalized words Some OF THE MOUNTAIN HIGHLANDS on the moon rise 8000 meters above the surface

adverb phrase for a+