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What is a programming language

a language used by application software developers to create instructions for the computer to use to run the application software

What does DOS stand for

DOS stands for:

  • Disk Operating System
  • Democratic Opposition of Serbia
  • (United States) Department of State
  • Density of States
  • Denial of Service
What is a software that is distributed for free

Open source software, software where the source code is publicly available and which is licensed with an open source license.

Examples of free software license / open source licenses include the Apache License, BSD license, GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public License, MIT License, Eclipse Public License and Mozilla Public License.

What is application software

Application software are programs installed on a computer's operating system.

What do unix and Linux have in common

Unix and Linux have a common command structure, similar command shell environments, common set of standard utility programs, games, development tools, functions, manual (help) file format. They do not have a common history.

The Unix System Program was original developed at Bell Laboratories by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson in 1969. It was the property of AT&T (or some branch of it), was free with source to educational institutions and was later offered commercially for DEC PDP computers for 12 to 20 thousand dollars and more depending on the installed computers. Unix and BSD (a free derivative of UNIX) were licensed and ported to various other systems vendors such as DEC (ultrix, osf/1, TRU64. etc), SUN (sunos), Microsoft (xenix), IBM (AIX), HP (HPux), Apple (OSx), and many more. BSD itself had a whole bunch of different free implementations under a BSD license.

There was also a lawsuit between BSD and Novell (which had purchased ownership of UNIX) claiming BSD should not be giving away BSD UNIX for free. It ended with BSD allowed to continue its free licensing after making some changes to its software base.

Linux was a result of an independent project by Linus Torvald with a small group of independent hackers that became very popular. He developed a kernel system program that was compatible with UNIX but was written independently of UNIX, had no UNIX code in it, was not subject to a UNIX licensing issues, and was distributed under a GPL license. The Linux kernel together with some independently written programs, together with many free programs borrowed from BSD constitute a Linux distribution.

What is full form of rams GUI

Graphical user interface

How do you refer to a collection of software that allow a computer to function

The operating system.

The operating system.

The operating system.

The operating system.

The operating system.

The operating system.

The operating system.

The operating system.

The operating system.

The operating system.

The operating system.

Why might a large research company use the Linux operating system

it can be modified to fit the specific needs of the company

What is an end user license agreement an example of

propriety license

Which programming design approach would be best to use if a line of code needed to be run repeatedly


What operating system component allows multiple computers to be linked together


Why might you choose a Macintosh operating system rather than a Linux operating system

the macintosh operating systems is more user-friendly

What is application software used for

to make certain tasks easier for the computer user

Can I hackintosh my PC

Legally - NO ! If you install their software on a non-Apple machine - you violate the EULA (End User Licence Agreement).

It is impossible to use a computer without a mouse. Is this statement true or false

false, because keyboards have "hot keys" which allow them to perform similar functions as a mouse

Components of an operating system include process memory and file management. What is another component of an operating system

input/output (I/O) system management

Which type of computer operating system would be best for a large corporation

multi-user, multitasking

Which of the following is an example of new and emerging classes of software

smart technology

How does the binary numbering system differ from the hexadecimal numbering system

the binary system is base 2 and the hexadecimal system is base 16

How is a compiler distinguished from an interpreter

a compiler translates an entire program and then executes it while an interpreter translates and executes one line of a program at time

Full form of GUI

GUI stands for.... Graphical User Interface.

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