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The fountain pen has been replaced in popularity by the ball point

Both answers are correct

Where is the compound noun in this sentence The doctor's waiting room is always crowded with patients

i dont really see one but it would probably waiting room

Which word in this sentence is an open compound at Miami you sometimes swam in tge beautiful swimming pool

Swimming Pool A+++

Does Petpet Park give you a virus

No, don't worry, it doesn't! I have done it loads of times, and no viruses came up, though i have heard rumers about viruses. dont worry though, neopets would NEVER make a virus!

Which word in this sentence is a closed compound Volleyball and softball are exciting Olympic sports

all her friends play softball

What is the compound word in this sentence The class studied Middle English when we read the prologue to Chaucer's work

The compound noun is Middle English.

What is the closed compound word in the sentence Joanne lost the final race when her shoelace came undone and she ran out of her shoe

Shoelace is the compound noun.

What is the open compound in I'm taking a computer science and math class next semester

Computer Science A+++

What are the abstract nouns in this sentence

The safety of the passengers in the concern of William J. Snow, the pilot, and everyone at TWA

Which group lists all abstract nouns in this sentence The last group of raiders to terrorize western Europe were the Vikings, fierce Scandinavian warriors who almost overran England before King Alfred negotiated peace with King Guthrum of the Danes.


Which group lists all proper nouns in this sentence Snow White found a small house in the forest and discovered that seven tiny men lived there: Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Bashful, Dopey, Grumpy, and Sleepy.

snow white,doc,happy,sneezy,bashful,dopey,grumpy,and sleepy

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