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What is a blogger

Blogger is free blogging service provided by Google. You can host your blog here and post numerous articles on it.

Find two words that are closest in meaning

me and in (words found in the word meaning).

What is a 3-2-1 organizer

A 3-2-1 organizer is a strategy for reading comprehension.

3) 3 interesting facts or 3 things I discovered while reading

2) 2 important facts

1) 1 question I have about what I read

What is the example of coordination

Hand acts in coordination with brain..

A document interpreting eyewitness accounts and other accounts of an event

It's a secondary source.

When was the editorial It's Time for a Nation to Return the Favor most likely written

The editorial "It's Time for a Nation to Return the Favor" was most likely written after Hurricane Katrina.

Which of these best explains why a suspect who is exonerated is let out of jail

The prefix ex- means "out of."

How do news blogs differ from other news media outlets

Bloggers cover the news as individuals, not as part of a media agency

thats the rong answere the real answere is:) novelists

Different newspapers report the destruction of the battleship Maine differently because

some newspapers were more interested in selling papers than they were in telling the objective truth.

Which of these is necessary for a media text to have meaning

participation by both producers and audience

News stories differ from one news outlet to another because

Reporters are influenced by their own biases when they cover news

For which of the following reasons do different news media outlets cover the same events in different ways

Interpreting events can be highly subjective.

Which of these is closest to what Americans typically mean when they refer to the media

the media outlets that cover and report on the news

Which phrase breaks the rule of parallel structure

Phrases that break parallel structure use different parts of speech or different sentence constructions than what came before. For example, in the phrase "I like running, jumping, and to skip," the phrase "to skip" breaks the parallel structure established by the words before it.

What does an informal outline usually use to organize information

dashes and bullets

What is an example of an entry in a numbers and decimals outline

3.2.4 Ethiopian coffee

Which of these statements about the news explains why news stories differ from one news outlets to another

people interpret events differently from each other

What best describes news media

Media producers who cover and report news stories -apex

What is a example of a when question you might ask while reading a short story

"When does the story take place"


Which of these is true about the information coming from news media outlets

Which of these is true about the information coming from the news media outlets

Which of these is an example of a "when" question you might ask when reading a newspaper article

The question requires additional information for it to be accurately answered.

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