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Example of stream of consciousness

Stream of consciousness is writing or saying everything that comes into your head in a continuous stream. Some novels have sections or are written wholly in a stream of consciousness, for example, "Mrs. Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf.

What is piecewise smooth function

f is a piecewise smooth funtion on [a,b] if f and f ' are piecewise continuous on [a,b]

How is the narrator free by the end of the story

She doesn't care what her husband thinks

Which sentence suggests the least amount of psychic distance

Katia was going to teach them a lesson they'd never forget.

No way, she thought, this is ridiculous.

Which sentence suggests the greatest amount of psychic distance

There once lived a miserly, miserable old man.

Which is a classic type of unreliable narrator

A liar

A child

Which effect could best be created using an unreliable narrator

A character who seems naïve may have a moment of sudden insight.

What question might a reader ask to determine whether a narrator is unreliable

How honestly does the narrator represent the world

Does the narrator have something to hide/cover up. Does he have reason to "pad the truth"

Does the narrator actually understand what is going on

Is the narrator biased

Does the narrator contradict what he/she says

What is the most likely risk in choosing an unreliable narrator

A reader may not connect with a character who seems dishonest.

Which lists the typical steps of the creative writing process

Brainstorm, draft, revise, polish

What is the meaning of the advice Write what you know

Good writing can come from observations you make about the real world.

Which best explains the definition of stream of consciousness

Narration that tries to imitate the patterns of real thought.

What sentence might help a writer decide on a point of view

The writer should ask himself, "How much should the narrator know about the story?".

How can psychic distance influence tone

A larger psychic distance usually creates a less inimate tone.

A closer psychic distance can create a more intimate tone.

Which sentence suggest the greatest amount of psychic distance

a man stands alone, in costume, on an empty stage

Where does the narrator live for the duration of the story in the yellow wallpaper

In an old mansion away from society

Which best explains the term complex character

A character who shows different sides

Which question might help reader gauge the tone of a piece of writing

How formal does the writing seem

Which of the following is a sensory detail

The sound of cows kicking the barn door

What best describes omniscient narration

Narration that moves freely from location to location or character to location.

Why would a writer hint at the truth of a story undermining an unreliable narrator

The writer wants you to realize that the narrator is unreliable, and to take everything they've said with a grain of salt.

What is the best explanation of the term unreliable narrator

a narrator who doees not view similarly like others

Which is the best explanation of omniscient narration

Narration That Can enter the thoughts and feelings of any Character

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