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How much can you sell a mirraco icon option for

i sold my 2008 mirraco icon option with a broken crank arm for 150.00 dollars

Road wheel torque settings for peugeot 106 1.4

85 nm

What kind of data do you write on a data table

you can write any type of data you want

What tab or dialog box do you use to organize your sources

source manager dialog box

Why are leaves green in colour - search in Hindi

Search using the following search string in any search engine

पत्तों का रंग हरा क्यों क्लोरोफिल

What is the default maximum number of table entries found when you click a Search Help button


What is the main difference between sorting and filtering data

When you sort data, it is still all there, it is just divided into sections... for instance, if it were a list of names, then you might have it sorted alphabetically, so the As would be first and the Zs last.

When you filter data, you apply a filter so that you can only see part of the data. So, in the same example of a list of names, you might filter out all the girl names and only see the boy names.

Filtering and sorting can also work together. In a list of names you might filter to only see names that begin with the letter Z, but you could also sort that particular group so that it was alphabetical... Zack before Zenna, for instance.

How many equivalence classes will you do for the following input and how many tests will you perform write down the exact values of the input

You did not provide the input. This question cannot be answered.

What do you use to apply a predetermined arrangement to the data generated for a report


Which of the following functions cannot be performed in the maintain user profile transactions

Set default table size

What are used to pre-configure the parameters (such as field values selections and hidden fields) of executable transaction screens


The SU3 transaction Maintain User Profile is used to set the default printer and to format date and time fields. What is another time saving use for SU3

Set up drop-down lists for recurring field entries

In GCSS- Army when an ascending or descending sort has been applied to a data table what indicator in the table is used to identify the column of data used to establish the sort

the column of data remains highlighted

Expanding a folder structure to find a particular entry is what kind of search for GCSS army


Can data be sorted only by a single column

Data can be sorted by a single column or by a combination of columns. You can use a Custom Sort to decide what way you want the data sorted. That can be by one or more columns.

If you want to create your own reusable screen layout that is similar to a global layout what is important about naming the layout

Save it without changing the name of the layout

What is the most important thing to remember when logging out of GCSS army

save your work

Which of the following buttons do you click to pre-configure the fields in an executable transaction screen


Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using a variant

Look-up times are reduced

after formatting data as a table, the tables will include filtering by default.TrueFalse

after formatting data as a table, the tables will include filtering by default?



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