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What is organum

A: A style of early polyphony.

What is a serenade

A serenade is a romantic song intended to woo or gain the approval of a potential lover. It's a kind of musical pick-up line. The word can refer to any song or piece of music that has the characteristics of such a song

What is Hildegard von Bingen remembered for

her mystical compositions

being a composer, nun, and healer
Which of the following words is a kind of imitative counterpoint


The oratorio is an example of

Sacred music

Which Tempo marking means very slow

A: Largo

Alberti bass is best described as

A classical accompaniment style based on triads.

Tempo describes the speed of the beats in a piece of music


The end of the baroque era occurred during the


Which term describes the simplest method of performing chant

Monophonic is the simplest method of performing chant.

The eighteenth century technique of gradually changing dynamic levels was known as the Mannheim

Crescendo was the eighteenth century technique of gradually changing dynamic levels that was known as the Mannheim.

The Heiligenstadt was Beethoven's despairing letter about his hearing loss


Minimalist composers use repeating and harmonies that change gradually

Minimalist composers use repeating rhythms and harmonies that change gradually.

What best describes musical life during the Classical Era

concerts were unusually long by today's standards (apex)
Concerts were unusually long by today's standards.

A Metronome marking of 200 would most likely be labeled


What was unusual about guillaume de machauts most famous composition

The Messe de Nostre Dame was the first complete musical setting of the Ordinary sections of the Roman Catholic Mass.

Which of the following composers wrote this famous symphony

Ludwig van Beethoven

Which of the following does represent Mozart's life

He started learning piano...... (For Apex)

Which was the style of music that frequently incorporate codes or puzzles

Ars Subtitlier

Diminuendo means the same as:


Which instrument did Andrea Amati invent


who of the following was not a composer

Andrea Amati

the opening for lully's french overture was marked by it's

slow, dotted rhythm

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