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Where is ATP often produced

Most ATP is produced in the mitochondria organelles inside of cells. The rest is recycled ATP that is used on the surface of cell membranes, the phosopholipid bilayers.

What are the protein building structures contained in all cells

Ribosomes are the protein-building structures contained in all cells.

What term is defined as all the living material inside a cell

Yes, you can find puzzles at most toy stores but selections are small. You would have a better selection of puzzles on the internet, simply search puzzles and you will get pages and pages of websites for puzzles.

What molecule actually does the work of life


What do chloroplasts and mitochondria have that other organelles lack

their own DNA

What causes differentiations of cells in complex organisms like humans

Switching genes on and off.

When do scientists believe that chemical evolution occurred

They believed that this occurred billions of years ago.

What were probably the very first living things

Prokaryotes were probably the first living things.

Why are covalent bonds important in living things

Covalent bonds store energy. Living things need this energy to function.
Covalent bonds store energy.

Which organelles produce energy


How do scientists test ideas about chemical evolution

Scientists test ideas about chemical evolution by using computer models.

What field of science investigates ideas about a possible extraterrestrial origin of life


What kinds of molecules have been found on extraterrestrial meteors

Amino Acids

Approximately how long do scientists think chemical evolution took

about a billion years.

Which organelles make protein


What process caused cells to spontaneously generate over time


What factor has not been available to scientists and has kept them from being able to produce a living cell

sufficient time

Who was the First scientist to research how disease affects living things


Who was the first scientist to observe and study cells under the microscope

It Was van Leeuwenhoek By: Semaj Lisenby

What term is associated with the single-celled ancestor theory

line of descent

What is the liquid material between the nucleus and the cell membrane


Which process occurs when an organism obtains and releases energy

In general terms I should think that for plants this is photosynthesis, and for animals digestion

A+ -- Respiration

Which process occurs when an organism's body uses the nutrients it takes in


What term applies to an organism made of one cell

unicellular mothafakoo

What is the life process of plants

Biology is the life process of plants.

Are the smallest living unit that can carry on life processes is what


Do plant cells and animal cells have vacuoles

they both have vacuoles. plant cells have bigger vacuoles then animal cells

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