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What is dialect

Dialect can be one of two different things:

  1. A variety of language that is specific to one group of speakers. This can be because of the area they live in, or because of social class.
  2. A language that is found within a regional (or national) language

Dialect can be distinguished by:

  • vocabulary
  • grammar
  • pronunciation
Laurie gave a credible account what does credible mean

Credible means believable, from the root cred it means "believe."

What word originates from a man who didn't want to leave his card game in order to get lunch

A sandwich

What is a sentence in which a word is humorously misused

One form is a "malapropism", after the character "Mrs. Malaprop" in a 1775 play The Rivals by Richard Sheridan.

A malapropism (also called acyrologia) is the use of a word that is similar to another word, but creates a meaningless or comic sentence.

Examples :

being "indicted" to supper (invited), or a gift from a famous "philanderer" (philanthropist).

Example of use for comic effect :

"My dear, tonight you look positively ravished." (ravishing)


Note that there is a similar wordplay known as mondegreen, when a word is misheard changing the meaning from what was intended. Gary Larson famously drew a Far Sidecartoon with a dog bragging that he was going to be "tutored".

What term do you use for the history or origin of a word

The etymology of a word is it's history, development and derivation.

Advantages and disadvantages of an autobiography

an autobiography will detail the events of a person who write it

Which type of literary work uses the supernatural and elements of horror and was popular in the late 1700s and early 1800s

Many literary works of the late 1700s and 1800s used elements of the supernatural and horror to tell a story. This type of literary was know as gothic literature.

V-shaped contour lines pointing uphill indicate a

A Valley

Where did the marathon originate WikiAnswer

The word marathon comes from the Battle of Marathon. The Athenians won the battle and told their messenger to tell the rest of Athens of the victory. After 25 miles he reached Athens and said, "Rejoice, for we have won!" Then he collapsed dead.

What literary forms did Shakespeare work with other than plays

He also wrote narrative poetry and sonnets.

Type the appositive in this sentence The artist Verdicini threw paint onto the wall


What religious literature was supposedly written by biblical authors but actually was written by others during the inter-testamental period

The Pseudepigrapha

Which of these definitions aplies to the climax

the turning point of the story at which the most action occurs

Which of these is a satirical literary work that describes the adventures of hero that is sometimes dishonest

"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is a novel by Mark Twain. This satirical literary work describes the adventures of a hero who is sometimes dishonest.

How do you use the word choose in a sentence

You could use it to talk about what you choose to do on weekends?

E.g. I choose to go out on saturdays.

What is an inciting incident of a screenplay

Once the Exposition has come to an end, the Inciting Incident begins the forward movement of the plot.

Why is Prince Charles the heir apparent to the British throne

He is the eldest son of the reigning monarch.

When did the partisan press era take place

From the late 1700s to around the time of the Civil War

What word best defines invigorate

Re-energise best defines 'invigorate'.

Can a house be the main character of a story

Anything or anyone can be the main character of a story. There are several stories where a house is the main character.

What does reading passage mean

A reading passage is an excerpt from a story, novel, or essay.

What is the definition of restoration

Restoration means to restore, repair, replace. For example: The restoration of the British monarchy took place in 1660, when Charles the second was restored to the British throne.

Which of the definitions best describes tone

The overall feeling an author portrays to the audience A+

What of these definitions best describes the climax of a story

The point of the greatest suspense APEX

3.5.2 Test

Reading Skills and Strategies

Reading for Entertainment: Fiction

How do you make a sentence with the word put forth

I am anxious to hear the explanation you are about to put forth.

Please put forth your left foot.

Which sentence from The Nose best reflects what the nose represents


What literary term is used in lennox's words in this reading passage


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