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How did colonization affect Africa

It increased ethnic tensions in Africa.

It created diversity in African nations

It created many unstable governments.

What is factors of geography

a factor of geography is the way villages change over time.

What led to the Rwandan genocide

The two major ethnic groups in Rwanda (Hutu and Tutsi) had a history of competition and conflicting territorial claims. A civil war with the Hutu-dominated government was fought from 1990 to 1993 by a Tutsi rebel force (RPF) based in Uganda, and continued despite a cease-fire agreement.

After a similar civil war broke out in neighboring Burundi, the Hutu presidents of both Burundi and Rwanda were assassinated in April, 1994. This triggered a Hutu-led massacre of hundreds of thousands of Rwandans, both Tutsi and moderate Hutus. This was only ended after the takeover of Rwanda by the Tutsi (RPF) military government.

Where is polynesia located

East of Micronesia

What country is developing urban centers most quickly


How does the theme of movement help us understand life on Earth

B. It tells us about people's migration to a region.

How are the Mississippi and Amazon rivers different


1)The Amazon is surrounded by rain forest.

2)The Mississippi is a major industrial highway.

ur welcome shawty bae ๐Ÿ˜ฉโ˜๐Ÿ’—โœจ

What causes the frequent migration of animals in Africa

Changes to natural resources

Flooding and drought cycles

Water sources changing locations frequently

Why is there such wide ethnic diversity within African nations

The colonization of Africa created artificial political boundaries based on exploitation of the resources. This conflicted with the tribal boundaries and created ethnic tension within the colonies.

Near what geographic feature does urbanization usually occur

Urbanization usually occur's on rivers and freshwater lakes and coastlines


Which country has an economy based mostly on the production and sale of energy

Saudia Arabia



What is a major problem with Africas export economy

raw materials earn less profit than finished goods

Which are included in a country's Human Development Index (HDI)

Life expectancy


What best describes the economy of Africa

Unstable and dependent on selling raw materials

Which geographic features separate two ecozones

Desert and Oceans

What happened after the first agricultural revolution

Farming became a more common thing and people started to live in permanent homes

Where does earthquakes happen on earth

earthquakes happen were tetonic pates are

Which is the worlds largest ecozone


Which group experienced the most cultural isolation


Which best describes antarctica

It is a scientific preserve.

Which are renewable energy sources

wind power


solar power

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