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What is a low beam

Well, assuming that you are talking about headlights, the low beams are the dimmest settings for the drive headlights, while high beams are the brightest setting.

When you are approaching a blind curve to warn others that cannot see you coming

honk your horn

If conditions are so bad that you cannot see the road ahead

pull as far off the road as possible and turn on your emergency flashers

Many collisions become more serious when drivers


To regain control of a vehicle in a skid

make smooth steering corrections.

One of the most important things you should do before you leave the lot with a rental car is

check for previous damage and report it

What kind of signs communicate laws

Road and highway signs.

If you drive through water, your brakes may become slippery and ineffective To dry the brakes off

apply your brakes gently as you accelerate

If parts are replaced when you have work done on your vehicle

Request the replaced parts be returned to you when you pick up your vehicle.

Every 30000 miles what should you do to your car

service auto transmission

What does the study of signs and communication refer to

Semiotics is the study of signs and communication.

You may not operate a vehicle unless all child passengers weighing how much are properly restrained with an appropriate safety device

You may not operate a vehicle unless all child passengers under 8 years of age or less than 4 feet, 9 inches in height.

On an annual basis animal-vehicle collisions cause about worth of damage

1 Billion

Do not drive more than hours per day

Do not try to drive more than__________hours in any one day.

If the oil pressure light illuminates while you are driving you should

Pull off the road

What skid occurs when the brakes are applied so hard that the front or rear wheels lose traction


What to do if brakes fail before you get brake booster fix

This grossly unsafe. If you have just the booster fail the brakes will still work but not well.

If the brakes fail completely you could crash and die.

What are some improvements to abs brakes

emergency assist

What are the specific guidelines on your vehicle's maintenance

for specific guidelines on your vehicles maintenance make sure to

How many one way streets are in London

There are over 50 one way streets in London, including Albemarle Street, which was the first one way street in the city.

When Traveling at the high speeds requires what


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Maximum speed limit in California

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How many miles do Americans drive per day

Which of these is not an environmental stressor

What type of insurance will pay for damages if you are the victim of a hit-and-run driver

What type of insurance will pay for damage to your car or to replace your car if it is declared to be a total loss

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What is the minimum fine for a first DUI conviction

What is a type of drug that causes distortion of the drivers perception sight hearing and time

Alcohol has many sensations and effects like

For a conviction of a DUI you could pay a fine of not less than 500 and not more than 1000

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When should a tire be replaced

Which of these sentences describes collision coverage automobile insurance

Joel's car has depreciated by 39 percent over the past few years How much is his car worth today if he originally bought it for 2568946

What type of insurance coverage includes bodily injury and property damage coverage

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What does a slashing hand motion over the neck mean by a waterskiing participant

What should you do first when the vessel capsizes

Which is characteristic of low head dams

Officers of the New Mexico State Parks state police and county sheriffs have the authority to do what in watercraft

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