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When was the Magna Carta signed

Some sources say that the magna carta was signed on the 10th of June 1215 and then the Barons renewed the Oath of Fealty with King John on 15th June 1215. Most sources say John signed it on the 15th June 1215.

Sources to Check:
In 1215
It was originally issued in the year 1215.
AD 1215

Why is the longer leg longer than the shorter leg if the shorter leg is longer than the longer leg

Because if the shorter leg was shorter than the longer leg was long, then the longer leg wouldn't be longer than the shorter leg is short. The short leg would be the longer one rather than the long one being the short one.

Who was Charles I's wife

The wife of Charles I was Henrietta Maria

Who was the first Stuart king of England

James the 1

Which philosopher fought with Cromwell during the English Civil War

john Locke

What is the name of the elected body in England whose members were nobles and commoners during the Enlightenment

This elected body is called the Parliament. It is composed of two houses, the House of Lords and the large House of Commons.

What Best describes one of the basic principles of the English Bill of Rights

The English monarch had absolute power and ruled by divine right.

Which Stuart king was beheaded in 1649

King Charles I (1600-1649) was beheaded on January 30, 1649, following the English Civil War.

What originally restricted the power of King John and created a limited monarchy

Magna Carta.

These weakened the power and influence of the Catholic church

The East-West Schism, and the Western Schism, weakened the power and influence of the Catholic church. The Western Schism began in 1378 and lasted until 1417.

Who believes that political equality should be for all citizens

John Locke

What statements best describes the Glorious Revolution

The Glorious Revolution occurred in 1688 when King James II was overturned. The revolution took place in France when the union of English Parliamentarians with the Dutch stadtholder William II invaded England and led to the ascending of the throne.

What is an awning supplier

In order to fully understand what an awning supplier is, you must first understand what it is they are supplying. Awning is something that is used to retract sunlight. You may see these attached to an exterior of a wall at a business building. These are also used on patios and are typically known as retractable awning. An awning supplier is generally just someone that sells these products. One awning supplier is Sears.

Which of these statements best descibes the petition of right

One statement that best describes the Petition of Right is that is was meant to give common people more rights. It was an attempt to limit the power of the monarchy.

Who was imprisoned twice then later exiled from Paris

Francois Voltaire

Use a calculator to find tan 27 round to the nearest thousandth


What statements best description of communism

Communism: a classless stateless society based on production for use, with democratic control and free access to goods and services.

What does x - y

In expressions such as "x-y", both "x" and "y" can have any value. The value of "x-y" will depend on what the value of "x" and the value of "y" are.

Which term is a synonym of king or queen


Which country had social classes called Estates


What is the height of the statue, x Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary

8.98 m

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