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Who was the Anglo-Saxon king who led the resistance to the Danish invasion

Alfred the Great.

What is the Muslim meeting place called

The Muslim meeting place for ritual praying worship is called Mosque. In Arabic, it is called Masjid


The leader of the Franks was


Runes were used mostly by


The word rune comes from a Scandinavian word that means

secret or mystery =]

To gain time to build military strength the Anglo-Saxon king

paid the Danes to leave them alone

Established the Irish church

St. Patrick

The early Vikings spoke a language similar to

They spoke Norse, which is closest to Icelandic and Faroese.

Viking civic leaders were usually military chiefs called

They were called Jarls

Most viking gods were related to

forces of nature

The Celts fled to Ireland with the invasion of the


Ireland offered peace and safety from the chaos of Europe because

it was very far from the mainland of Europe

Ireland offered peace and safety from the chaos of Europe because Ireland was and still is a neutral country.
Vinland thought to be somewhere in Newfoundland was visited by

Leif Ericson visited Vinland.

Farming was difficult in Scandinavia because of

the climate and terrian

Vikings often held contests that showed

their strength and courage

In return for the land they were given the Danes promised to do what

leave the rest of England alone

Before the name England was given to a part of the British Isles the country was known as what


A group of Danes led by a warrior named settled in northern France


The centers of culture in England and Ireland were the what

A+ monasteries

Ordered the city of London to be rebuilt after the Danes destroyed it

Alfred the great

Who led many viking explorations throughout the north Atlantic

Eric the Red led many viking explorations throughout the north Atlantic.

Vikings sometimes camouflaged their ships to look like

floating islands

answered by sierra smith

The section of French land given to the Danes was called


Around 1100 ad who began to influence vikings


What languages were derived from the language used by Vikings

most vikings undertood both dialects. it later developed into four different languages: danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Icelandic

A+ swiss

The meeting of a group of nobled and church people that advised the king called aan


Viking sails were

The sails were all made from wool, flax, or hemp. The making of the sails took a lot of time. It took 7850 hours to produce just one sail. Additional time was needed to stitch the pieces together.

strong and colorful A+ students

Reported to the king about activities in different sections of the country.


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