Cherokee Indians

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Why did northerners oppose annexing Texas

Texas wanted war with mexico.

What was the main goal of the free soil party

To get money

to stop the spread of slavery

Who were two of the most famous transcendentalists

Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau are two of the most famous transcendentalists.

How did the Union Army gain control of the Mississippi River

By capturing Vicksburg
By liberating Vicksburg, the last major Confederate garrison on the river.

What was a result of the use of farming machines

Lower prices

Why was the migration of the Cherokee called the Trail of Tears

The Cherokee had already "refused" to move but they were forcefully moved to Oklahoma. Jackson was already out of presidency but he is held responsible for starting the further intentions for this trail of tears.

What did the Supreme Court do about laws in Georgia that took away the rights of the Cherokee

It said the Georgia laws were unconstitutional. (APEX)

Why did white people want the Cherokee to move out of Georgia

Gold was discovered there.

Why was cotton called a cash crop

it brought in alot of money

How do the middle class people live their lives

how do middle class people live

Which change made by the Cherokee most helped them preserve their history

They developed a written language.

What helped the Cherokee survive on the Trail of Tears

They hunted game to eat (Apex 2020)

What was true about the treaty of new echota

One of the things the Treaty of New Echota did was that it divided the Cherokee.

What conditions were made even more harsh for slaves

All of the above

Both the democratic and whig parties supported

White male suffrage. (APEX)

Where was the first capital of Cherokee

New Echota

Most immigrants to the united states

gathered in ethnic communities

What statement was true about Lincoln's reelection in 1864 is true

It was greatly helped when sherman captured atlanta

What best describes immigrant neighborhoods apex

They were usually poor and crowded

Slaves increased their personal support by:

Building extended families. (APEX)

what was a major cause of the panic of 1819

Farmers and businesses being unable to pay back money borrowed from banks. -Apex