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What is Standard and Poors

Standard and Poors is one of the 3 premier Credit Rating Agencies in the world.

What is a stock portfolio

A stock portfolio is all the stocks that you own. I would venture to say that if you had one stock in any company, you would have one stock in your portfolio. If you had 5 different stocks, you would have a total of 5 stocks in your portfolio.

What is a prospectus

A prospectus is a document that describes a financial security for potential buyers.

Is a loan company not a financial intermediary

true a loan company is not a financial intermediary

What happens when the supply of a nonperishable good is greater than the consumer wants to buy

Either the price drops until the consumers are prepared to buy more, or supplier are left holding surplus stocks until replacement purchases clear these inventories.

No manufactured good is truly non-perishable, and so will eventually require replacement.

What are limited quantities of resources to meet unlimited wants


How does a pension fund act as an investor

the company invests money collected from employers

Is denaturalization of a protein always permanent


The physical capital used by a woodworker to make furniture would include

saws and drills

What is Financial assets traded in money markets

treasury bill

Which of these are issued by corporations and us government


Which dominated the free banking era between 1837 and 1863

During the free banking era in the United States, the industry was dominated by state chartered banks. This is a type of bank that is different from federal reserve banks because they are not insured by the FDIC, but by the state instead.

What is the answer for this problem Tim bought three CDs Each cost 12.99 what was the cost of the three CDs

12.99 x 3 = 38.97

Price of CD x number of CDs = Cost of three CDs

What is the option to sell shares of stock at a specified time in the future called

It's actually called a call option. I will provide you with a definition I just found for this, and some additional tips on options trading.

- - - - -

The option to sell shares is a put. The option to buy them is a call.

What is is the index that shows how 30 specific industrial stocks have traded called

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the stock market index that shows how 30 specific industrial stocks have traded.

What markets in which money is lent for periods longer than one year

Capital markets

What kind of decision cannot be made at the margin

whether to spend your two-week vacation on the shore or in town

What is an institution that helps channels funds for savers to borrowers called

a financial intermediary

According to the supreme court when is it acceptable for a government body to display a religious nativity scene

when the display features other seasonal items

In the United states which groups are allowed to hold meetings

any group

What is an example of the use of freedom to petition

The right of the people to petition the Government from redress of grievances

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