History of the United States

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Napoleon wanted to regain the area from where for France


A group of 48 settlers floated down the Ohio River on a flatboat named the

The Mayflower..

Settlers were required to do what before moving westward

convert to catholocism.

What is a flat fertile land with few or no trees



Napoleon sold the Louisiana Purchase because he needed


Who was The Secretary of State for President Monroe

John Quincy Adams was the very able Secretary of State for Monroe.

Who was among the first pioneers to cross the Appalachian mountains into Kentucky

Daniel Boone

Congress solved the problem created by Missouri's admission to the Union by

admitting Maine to balance the slave issue ( answer for A + )

Andrew jackson was sent by president monroe into florida to attack the


The trail into the Northwest Territory along the Mohawk River Valley was known as the route

water level

The was a region bounded by the Ohio and Mississippi rivers the Appalachian Mountains the Gulf of Mexico and Florida

old southwest

For a time the Missouri Compromise settled the slavery question


In 1803 which one of Napoleon's representatives came to ask how much the U.S. would pay for all of Louisiana

Robert Livingston.

Napoleon forced to sign a secret treaty that returned Louisiana including New Orleans to France


Was a slave who sued the government for his freedom

Dred Scott

Is a ban on trade with another country

An embargo

Harriet Beecher Stowe had always opposed slavery


The question about Missouri's admission to the Union and how it was solved was called the

missouri compromise

How did the size of the us change after the Louisiana purchase

the Louisiana purchase almost doubled the size of the united states during that time

A Native American trail through the Cumberland Gap along the banks of the Kentucky River was renamed what

wilderness road

What pathway was a natural gateway for pioneers moving into Kentucky and Tennessee

The pathway that is natural gateway for pioneers moving into Kentucky and Tennessee is the Cumberland Gap. It is a 12 mile wide natural gap in the Appalachian Mountain Range.

The Adams-onis treaty with Spain went into effect in 1800

The Adams-Onís Treaty with Spain went into effect in 1821.

What was the first state west of the Appalachian mountains to enter the union and when was the state admitted

Kentucky was the first state west of the Appalachians to be admitted to the Union, on June 1, 1792.

Until the issue of slavery arose in settlement of western lands went smoothly and national politics had not been involved.


What ocean was finally reached by Lewis and Clark in their explorations

The Pacific Ocean

What did the embargo act forbade

the embargo act forbade Americans to export or import goods

Congress replaced the embargo act with which act

The Non-Intercourse Act of 1809 replaced the Embargo Act of 1807.

Why did Spain lose control of its colonies in Florida

spain lost florida when they traded it for cuba

Early settlers used only iron plows because

Early settlers only used iron plows because it was the only resource available at the time.

The Adams-OnΓ­s Treaty allowed the United States to purchase Florida from _______.

puerto rico

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