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What is Persuasive Appeal

A persuasive appeal is a strong argument made for a certain position or opinion. One might use a persuasive appeal to convince another to believe one side of a political issue.

Buzz lightyear thinks his spaceship is very

is a very tank piece of equipment. he thinks that it can be use for the destruction of the entire universe

Did Susan b Anthony made penny's

Dollar piece

What type of reasoning is used in this example The air is dry in deserts

deductive reasoning

What event does the headline refer to

A headline refers the most important or one of my most important news items of the day.

How is a photograph used to make a persuasive argument

Answer this question…

By capturing something in a specific way to shape what the viewer sees

Which form of argument is considered more intimate and less formal

Answer this question… Letter

What reason does the author Garrett Hardin give for not supporting the world food bank


Why is it important to set the right tone in an argument

Because the tone you use can either draw an audience into your argument or alienate them.

Why is a piece of music considered a form of persuasive argument

Well, that depends on how you define argument. The music itself can influence emotion, and the words of a song can make any argument that we are capable of expressing in words.

What part of an argument establishes the stance the writer will take toward the subject

Answer this question… Introduction

Why is the opening of an argument important

It establishes the stance the writer will take toward the subject.

In An Indian Father's Plea what does Medicine Grizzlybear Lake ask the teacher to do for Wind-Wolf

Answer this question… In "An Indian Father's Plea," what does Medicine Grizzlybear Lake ask the teacher to do for Wind-Wolf?

What part of an argument restates the central point and makes a bid for the audience's support

Answer this question…


What technique does Zitkala use to leave the reader with a vivid image of her mistreatment

Answer this question…

She presents her strongest argument at the end of the passage.

Which word does the author use to show that he thinks the spaceship metaphor is a bad one

(Apex) Unrealistic.

Which tools would a musician use to craft an argument

recording equipment (apex)

Which rhetorical technique is Abbey using in the underlined section of this excerpt


Which type of appeal is Truth making to her audience

The answer is B. Emotional

What evidence from the text best supports lakes main argument that wind wolf is smart but comes from a different culture

His aunts and grandmothers taught him to count while they sorted out the materials used to make the abstract designs in the native baskets.

What is the authors main argument in an Indian fathers plea

That even though windo wolf comes from a different cult the teacher should still treat him fairly and with respect (apex)

Why does the author use this example of his son's tribal education in his letter to the teacher

To show that his son is smart but has just learned things in a different way

How does susan b Anthony establish ethos and builds the credibility of her argument in speech after being convicted of voting

by using evidence from the constitution

What passage is an example of inductive reasoning

What passage is an example of inductive reasoning? -Apex

What point does Anthony make by comparing these two quotes

D) That all people, including women, are citizens and should be allowed the same priveledges.

What passage from an Indian father plea an example of lakes use of logos

Because it uses specific evidence to support his argument

Why is this passage from an Indian fathers plea an example of lakes use of logos

because it uses specific evidence to support his argument. :) yw.

Which argument does this evidence best support

The teacher should realize that Wind-Wolf is smart even though

his culture is different.


What piece of evidence does susan b Anthony use to one of her arguments

exact words from the Declaration of Independence

Which excerpt shows the clearest example of ethos from the damnation of a canyon

Anyone who has tried to pilot a motorboat through a raft of half-sunken logs, and bloated dead cows will have his own thoughts on the accessibility of these waters.


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