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What magazines are popular French magazines

Please see the related link below for a list of popular French magazines.

Are all URLs alike or different

URLs may all follow the same syntax and format, but individual URLs must be unique for the DNS to resolve them to the correct addresses.

What is the primary part of Excel that pictorially represents data

A Chart.

What is the name of a set of books that you use to locate information about a subject

The name of a set of books that you use to locate information about a subject is called encyclopedias. With the introduction of the internet less people use encyclopedias today than they did in previous decades.

The eukaryotic cell cycle is different from prokaryotic cell division in all the following ways except

the amount of DNA present in the cells

What websites typically provide the most reliable information about academic topics

Archives of academic journals provide the most accurate information. Access to these sites is usually available for a subscription fee or through a university.

To remove a border from a paragraph position the insertion point in the paragraph click the Border button arrow on the Home tab and then click the No Border button in the Border gallery


What are the various types of library cataloguing

Cards catalogue, book catalogue, etc

How do you interrogate data in Excel 2007

You can interrogate data in Excel 2007 by using the filter and sort options in Excel. This re-organizes the data in a way that makes it easy to analyze and evaluate the data.

Can you use commit statement after truncate

You can use COMMIT any time, but it is not necessary after TRUNCATE TABLE.

What are the mathematical operators of c

the mathematical operators of c are.....%,*,/,+,-

What is the process called where a scholars research is accepted as true and scientific


What internet options does Delta Cable provide

Delta offers a number of different internet options which are all clearly listed on their website. Internet speeds for the various packages range from 20mbps to 100mpbs.

How can you get Canadian statistics data

There are various national and international sources, including the following:

You will also find numerous databases on various topics by searching google.

What is the file extension used for PowerPoint

The file extension used for power point earlier was PPT. In the later versions it is termed as PPTX.

How do university professors do a plagiarism check on papers

Many university professors do a plagiarism check on papers, though there is not a specific number estimated of how many. Many professors use plagiarism software that checks each of the papers for any sign of plagiarism.

How many chart types does Excel 2013 offer

The main chart types are the following 12. Each of these have many sub charts, like 2D and 3D versions. Some could be grouped together, like Pie and Doughnut charts. Combo charts enable you to combine different types of charts, like a line and column chart.

Column charts

Line charts

Pie charts

Doughnut charts

Bar charts

Area charts

XY (scatter)

Bubble charts

Stock charts

Surface charts

Radar charts

Combo charts

What is e-catalogue

An e-catalogue is a company's catalogue that can be downloaded and viewed on the computer.

What is the menu Ribbon of Microsoft Word would you use to change the size of graphics

Once you select a graphic or picture, the drawing tools will appear and you can do it from there, or just drag the placeholders to change the size.

What is a built in calculation such as sum or average called

A function.

What cell does formulas and functions in Excel make use of

Formulas are put into the active and selected cells, and can use any cell on the worksheet.

What is the popular or general journal called in English

What is a popular or general journal called in English

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