Airplanes and Aircraft

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Who was the first person to fly solo around the world

Wiley Post.
Wiley Post in 1933.

Someone who flies a lighter than air craft especially the pilot or the navigator


Which term is synonymous with organic shapes

Free-form shapes

Which of these is the result of form having the illusion of the third dimension


Who created the aerodrome

Samuel Pierpont Langley created the aerodrome.

Who was the first person to fly at a speed great enough to break the sound barrier

charles yeager

Which passenger aircraft could travel faster than the speed of sound

The concorde.

built by British Aerospace and flown by British Airways and AirFrance. Now u/s due to its crash in 2000.

What spacecraft sent back data confirming the lack of any appreciable magnetic field surrounding the moon

luna 2 brio buckz

Which space shuttle has completed the most successful missions

The Space Shuttle Discoveryhas completed the mostsuccessful missions.

Written By,

Brainiocity And The Y Productions.

Which flyby satellite launched by the US discovered a second radiation belt around Earth

pioneer 3

Which spacecraft was the first successful flyby satellite launch to the Moon

luna 1

What is an aircraft the achieve forward propulsion by expelling a stream of fluid called


Which country produced B-29s


Which gas did Jacques Charles discover could be used as the source of hot air for a hot air balloon's envelope


When was the first two modules of the International Space Station were launched in what year


What was the largest zeppelin ever created was called


What is the enormous audible thunderclap that follows an aircraft as it goes through the sound barrier called

sonic boom

Who was The most widely recognized ornithopters were designed by

Leonardo da Vinci

A rocket engine obtains forward momentum through the use of fuel additives

fandango additives usually which contain oxygen

The study of the forces of air on a body in motion is called

A+ aerodynamics

Photographs from which spacecraft provided the initial data for NASA scientists to determine future mission landing sites on the Moon

ranger 7 A+

The crevice through which the magma bursts is called the .


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