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Great Britain and France entered World War 2 because of the invasion of where


What happend after Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia

After the Austro-Hungary monarchy declared war on Serbia, France and Russia who were protecting Serbia declared war on Austria-Hungary. and then Germany declared war on Russia and France, then UK declared war on Germany...

Was there an Islamic empire in India

Yes. The Mughal Empire was a great Empire of the Muslims in India.

What actions could be taken as part of colonialism

A country takes over a neighboring territory and controls its government.

What accurately describes the outcome of the revolutions of 1848

Though the revolutions failed to establish new governments, they helped spread ideas that inspired later revolutions.

How were Japan and China culturally different at the end of the 19th century

Japan opened its society and culture to Western influences, while China continued to resist any outside influence on its customs and beliefs.

Which event is an example of total war

Answer this question… A government urges the country's factories to support a war effort and drafts citizens into the army.

Which of the following describes a difference between 19th century imperialism and forms of imperialism that had existed earlier in history

19th-century imperialism was more focused on controlling a territory's economy than colonizing it.

Which idea led to political revolution and the promotion of liberal government in France


How did the French and British differ in the tactics they used to control their empires in Asia

Answer this quest

The British exercised direct rule over their territories, while the French used indirect rule. ion…

How did the establishment of the British Raj affect Indian society

Answer this question…

It made Indians second-class citizens in their own country.

Which policy did British authorities use to control the Indian people after colonizing their territory

Eliminating Indian laws in favor of English laws

How did the Scramble for Africa affect African countries even after European imperialism in the region had ended

It left many African countries dependent on foreign aid for survival. [APEX]

How did European imperialism change over the course of the 19th century

Answer this questio

Countries that had not participated in earlier waves of imperialism began to establish empires. n…

What were the africans excluded from the 1884 Berlin conference because European leaders were

Believe they were uncivilized and biologically inferior.

How did chartered companies help the British government take control of India

They overthrew Mughal leaders improve the Indian economy

What was the foreign policy that Germany adopted under Kaiser Wilhelm II

Forming military alliances with other powerful European states.

What role did German leaders play in Austria-Hungary's decision to declare war on Serbia

they promised to support Austria-Hungary after it threatened to invade Serbia

What was a major difference between Britain's colonies in the South Pacific and its colonies in India

The colonies in the south pacific attracted far more British immigrants

What was a major similarity between between the battle of Verdun and the battle of the Somme


If a Chinese supporter of the Boxer Rebellion would most likely agree with which statement

China must violently resist foreign countries' efforts to control the country. [APEX]

Why the Native groups responded to French colonization of Indochina by:

organizing demonstrations against French policies. [APEX]

European imperialism in the 19th century was largely motivated by countries' desire to

access valuable natural resources in foreign territories

Under Kaiser Wilhelm 11, Germany adopted a foreign policy that included

competing with great britain to build europes most powerful military

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