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What is a health insurance deductible

The "deductible" is the dollar amount of health care costs that must be borne by the insured individual before the insurance coverage takes effect. Once the insured patient has paid that dollar amount, further costs will be borne by the insurance carrier.

These out-of-pocket costs may be set on both a per-event and a yearly basis.

Do planets change position during each season and when do they change for each season

Planets change from season to season because that's just the way it is get that is just the way it is

How does insurance protect against economic loss

The insurance company will establish a special self- insurance fund for this purpose each year.

What can you do in addition to cutting all unnecessary expenses to make sure your expenses don't exceed your income

Get another job to increase income.

What is one difference between a checking account and a savings account

a checking account holds your money and allows you to access it very easily at any time you would like.Money in a savings account is harder to access on demand, but the bank will pay you a small percentage of the total for keeping your money in that account.

What is the reason for putting yourself on a budget

People put themselves on a budget to keep their expenses below their income.

What provides a bank with collateral on a car loan

The car itself

What describes how a fixed-rate mortgage works

The monthly payment on a fixed-rate mortgage never changes.

What is one of the advantages of getting a government-sponsored mortgage instead of a conventional mortgage

Government mortgages charge lower interest rates than conventional mortgages.

What can discretionary funds be used to pay for

Discretionary funds are government spending by passing an appropriations bill to pay for a program such as military spending or education. The money is raised and can only be spent on the program in the bill.

Socially responsible consumers prefer to buy from companies that use what

Renewable resources

How can the news media help protect consumers

By investigating and exposing bad products and business practices

Which of these is a way that individuals can be socially responsible

By using less energy

Which of these makes a student loan different from other types of loans

Students don't have to provide any collateral to get a student loan. On some student loans, payment may be deferred until the student is out of college.

Which of these helps a landlord pay for damage that renters cause to their apartments

Security deposit

What is the main reason why a boycott might not be successful

Many consumers won't stay away from a company that offers the lowest prices, even if said company is being boycotted.

Consumers use cost-benefit analysis in order to maximize what

Consumers use cost-benefit analysis in order to maximize utility.

What is the benefit of purchasing a product with a warranty

You'll get a repair or replacement if the product is damaged or defective

What is one of the monetary benefits of attending college

Increased earning potential in the future

How does science help people make decisions

It helps make decisions because of weather

Consumers can use lobbying to accomplish what

To get the government to pass new laws

What is an example of a flexible expense

New clothing

What are the advantages and disadvantages to using credit to make purchases


Why would you need a credit card if you are not working

you will need a credit card if your not working because you have no money so you use a credit card to borrow money from the bank.The disadvy :(antage of that is that later you have to pay :(

What are the correct steps to show how a budget is made





Where can one find apartments for rent in Utah

One may find an apartment for rent in Salt Lake City, Utah with a 1 bedroom apartment being the smallest and less expensive and a 3 bedroom apartment being the biggest and most expensive.

How do credit card companies use a persons credit report

To determine if that person should be given a loan or credit card

Whats the difference between buying a car with a loan and leasing a car

When you have paid off the loan the car becomes yours.

When leasing a car it never becomes yours.

What production practices promotes sustainable developement

The use of renewable resources

Match each fee below with the situation where a credit card customer would get charged.

Potential Matches:1 : You use a new credit card to pay off the $2,000 you owe on another credit card.

2 : You use your credit card to take out $200 in cash from an ATM.

3 : You forget to send in your minimum monthly payment one month.

4 : You charge $800 on a credit card that has a $500 spending cap.

Answer : Balance transfer fee

: Cash advance fee

: Late payment fee

: Overlimit fee

What Helps people keep track of the amount of money in the checking account

Checkbook registers (apex)

How can bank afford to pay interest on their customers savings account deposits

The banks loan out the savings deposits at a higher interest than is paid to the savings accounts.

Banks that are locally owned and operated

Credit union

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