World War 2

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Lend lease was a us program to aid the axis power

No, lend lease was to aid the allied powers

Where did Iwo Jima battle take place

the battle of iwo jima was fought on the island of iwo jima about 1000 miles off the coast of japan

Which was a result of the Specie Circular signed by Jackson in 1836

contributed to the great depression It contributed to the depression of 1837.

What was the policy of containment during the Cold War

you had to eat a onion and a potatoe

What did America drop on Japan to defeat them in 1945

Americans dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to defeat them.

What Factors affect consumer spending

The factors that affect consumer spending are: Size of Income, Future Expenditures, and Social Influences.

Who brought prohibition back

no one. prohibition is no longer in effect.

Why did they come up with nuclear weapons

to use against Japan in world war II

In The Negro Digs Up His Past what is Arthur Schomburg discussing

In "The Negro Digs Up His Past," Arthur Schomburg is discussing the he study of the history of African Americans.

Who was forced into internment camps during World War 2

The Japanese Americans

Who else used propaganda during World War 2

Everyone used propaganda during World War II and most of it was untrue.

What did the American Southwest have that attracted people from Mexico to the area

Economic opportunities, including large extensions of land for cattle raising.

Where were many Japanese Americans forced to live during world war 2

All of the above. Apex

What has the author Earl Schenk Miers written

Earl Schenk Miers has written:

'The Emancipation Proclamation' -- subject(s): African Americans, Civil rights, Emancipation Proclamation, History, Juvenile literature, United States, United States. President (1861-1865 : Lincoln)

Which group in Hawaii was in favor of annexation by the United states

reform party members

Who was the leader of the national association for the advancement of colored people also known as NAACP

W. E. B Du Bois

How did President Hoover respond to the challenges of the Grate Depression

he made government money available to banks and railroads

What is a result of nativism in the united states

The result of these was the near impossibility of anyone getting into the United States other than a small number of Western Europeans.

What was the American strategy for the war against Japan in the Pacific

to attack, invade and corrupt japan

Why did many Americans fear communism communism

Many reasons. For example, some people think I’ll take away their freedom and their money.

What contributed to economic recovery in the South and Southwest after World War II

A. Segregation was no longer a problem in the south

B. Americans wanted to move to a warm climate

C. More industrial jobs were created in the southwest

D. Those areas were not as heavily populated

What did president Harding's administration do to restore a sense of normalcy to American society following world war 1

Help American industries grow.

How Nativism led to U.S. laws prohibiting immigration from what country

The Chinese immigration act limited immigration from China in 1882. It provided an absolute 10 year moratorium on Chinese immigration. In 1924 the immigration act was passed to limit the number of immigrants allowed into the United States. The quota provided immigration visas to two percent of the total number of people in the 1890 census. This was called the Johnson-Reed Act.

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